Čezeta - The reborn Czecho-Slovak symbol



100 %   

800 000 €

800 000 €

Čezeta is back as a new electric model combining modern technology and the legendary motorcycle’s timeless design. Support the Czech brand and contribute to its growth across the world.

  • The new, fully electric model of the Čezeta 506 approved for sale throughout the EU
  • With a range of 150 km and speed of 123 km/h, it’s the best in its class
  • Small-scale production running at the production plant in Prostějov
  • Dozens of current customers with a quickly rising demand around the world with an enormous potential
  • Own innovative patent-protected production technologies
  • Experienced team headed by an English visionary and a motorcycle racer from Bohemia 
Required capital
800 000 €
Number of investors
800 000 €
Minimal ticket
2 000 €

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About investment opportunity


After more than half of a century, successful British entrepreneur, Neil Smith who lives in Prague since 2001, has revived the well-known Czechoslovak motorcycle brand. Čezeta announced a triumphal comeback with a top-class electric motorcycle. Recently introduced brand new model of electric motorbike, Model 506, competes with the world’s renowned brands. Čezeta 506 brings together the classical design of iconic torpedo-shaped scooter from 50’s with modern technologies and exceptional parameters. Neil and his team developed a fully electric vehicle that can reach a maximum speed of 123 km/h with a range of 150-200 km per a single charge. Electric Čezeta 506 can be re-charged at any type of socket in 3.5 hours. The Čezeta 506 is already available at e-shop Alza.cz and its showrooms. The company is facing a growing demand and aims to expand its factory capacity to meet the production goal of 2,000 motorcycles a year.

The original Čezeta motorbikes were manufactured from 1957 by the Česká zbrojovka Strakonice which exported them all around the world until the shutdown of the production in 1964. Almost 130,000 motorcycles were manufactured in three different model series — the 501, 502 and 505. The original two-stroke engine was able to reach a maximum speed of 80km/h. 

Nowadays, Čezeta 506 is the first homologated electric vehicle manufactured in the Czech Republic. It contains the same battery components as Tesla vehicles. All the electrical and communication systems were tailor-made by Čezeta and its mainly Czech and Slovak suppliers. The grip, travel mode switch and winker were developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. The new Čezeta is currently manufactured at the historical factory of Wikov in Prostějov by a team of 10 employees.  

Čezeta is unique thanks to its exceptional brand history that still resonates in its home market. With innovations, timeless design and modern technology, Čezeta is the contemporary industry leader globally.





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