Ecocapsule - Designer mobile micro-house

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121,8 %   

2 436 000 €

2 000 000 €


Ecocapsule is a wind and solar energy powered, self-sustainable, world-renowned smart-home. The company has taken pre-orders from prominent customers from all over the world, even Hollywood.

  • The first limited series of 50 Ecocapsules is reserved by customers from four continents
  • Strong demand in the B2B segment - hotel chains, tourist resorts, oil companies
  • Thousands of enquiries, hundreds of Ecocapsule reservations and pre-orders from four continents
  • Small-scale production of Ecocapsule started in January 2018
  • First products will be shipped to the US, Japan, and Australia
  • The first 25 units will be produced in 2018 and the company is preparing large-scale production to deliver more than 650 units by 2020
  • A team of experienced architects, designers and engineers has been completed by senior profesionals in the field of production and operations management 
Required capital
2 000 000 €

Investment closing from EUR 1,2 million

Number of investors
Interest shown
2 436 000 €
Minimal ticket
10 000 €

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About investment opportunity


The team of architects under the lead of Tomáš Žáček and Soňa Pohlová, founders of the well-known

Slovak studio Nice & Wise (Nice Architects), developed an energy-independent mobile micro-house. It allows people to live off the grid almost anywhere on Earth and offers versatile use - from a caravan, houseboat, cottage on land with no power networks, to a hotel or a charging station for electric cars.

The story of Ecocapsule as a globally known company started with achieving success in an architectural competition. The idea of a self-sufficient house that combines freedom of living, modern technology, and unique design is spreading all over the world.

Ecocapsule has taken numerous pre-orders from four continents. The first orders and deliveries will go to private individuals, hotel resorts, corporate clients, and international organizations in the USA, Japan and Australia. Ecocapsule also gained interest from a well-known Oscar-winning Hollywood actress, who will be one of the first owners.

Ecocapsule obtained 11 international investors in the first investment round.  YBM Japan Inc., as one of the investors, helped with the development of Ecocapsule's solar components and will be responsible for the product distribution in Asia with an expected volume of more than 100 units a year.

Thanks to investment acquired last year on the Crowdberry platform, the company has completed design and product development and testing, built the infrastructure, team, and supply and sales network to launch serial production.

Following the plan, Ecocapsule is preparing further development investment to finalize its own assembly process, drive production, meet demand, create a global distribution network, and strengthen marketing activities.




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