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  • 8.4.
    Online webinar
    Crowdberry investors webinar - AKULAR
    Crowdberry investors webinar - AKULAR, 8. 4.
    Interview founders of Cviker AR on a webinar dedicated to their AKULAR investment campaign.

    The company is currently experiencing a significant increase in demand, mainly from the US, CAN, EU and Asia. Its solution allows visualization of 3D models of planned buildings online without the need for personal contact and is therefore extremely attractive for developers, who can thus continue in the ongoing projects despite the pandemic situation.

    Backed by the CB Investment Management Fund and Crowdberry investors, the company reached the minimum investment needed for a successful closure of the campaign. Therefore we have launched the closing process. Take the opportunity to join before the campaign is closed.

    Please register for the webinar via registration link sent to your email address.
    WHEN: 8. 4. 2020 at 16:30
    WHERE: Online webinar

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