Get the necessary capital and boost your business via Crowdberry

The overall investment for company seeking capital through Crowdberry ranges from 250 000 Euro to 5 000 000 Euro.

Benefits of getting investment through Crowdberry

Unique opportunity to raise capital in exchange of % equity on your company with optimal conditions tailor made to you 

Get to know the potential investor face-to-face during one of our exclusive events 

Opportunity to get “smart” investors on board. Let your investors open up new doors and horizons for your business

Share your online presentation and let your network know about your success

Crowdberry brings you not just the capital but the opportunity to get necessary know-how and market access to new markets

You will get tailor made consulting services as well as help hand with preparation of your investment campaign 

Key features of our investment platform Crowdberry


You can reach out to various investors at a time. The only thing you need to do is to fill up the registration process online at Once you pass our internal screening, you will get the access to our network of private investors. 

Simplicity is the key to success

Crowdberry brings you an effective way to get the necessary capital without complications and time consuming processes. Once your investment goal is fulfilled, we will help you with the legal advisory services and transaction process. 


It’s only up to you whether you are seeking for an active or passive investors. Crowdberry provides you with the opportunity to meet potential investors face to face.  Private investors at Crowdberry are mainly successful serial entrepreneurs, CEOs and influential business people coming from various industries. They can pass you invaluable advices, know-how and market support. 


Participation on our investment platform has transparent process and standardized terms & conditions. Crowdberry fee is 8% from gained capital. Investor get the offered % of equities whereas the fee is a cost for the company seeking the capital. 


Crowdberry makes equity investment possible due to its transparent, secure and simple investment platform. Minimum amount of investment for each company is 250.000€ whereas individual investors can participate on funding from 2.000€. 


All legal processes are covered by well-established legal advisory agencies, in order to provide only the best solution for both startups and investors. All participants are bended under strong non-disclosure agreement. 

Crowdberry is here for you

If you need to get additional information or you need to help out with preparation of your investment opportunity, we are here for you. You can get in touch with us.

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