How Crowdberry works?

Crowdberry platform is designed for established business entities as well as for innovative and original entrepreneurial ideas. Minimal requirements to gain an access to the platform consists of a detailed business plan with financial predictions and a stable, professional team with experience in the respective industry. Applicants must have also working prototype of the business or MVP. First paying customers is being considered as an advantage.  

1.  Company representative seeking capital (Applicant) creates a profile on Crowdberry platform and register his company respectively.

2.  Applicant fills up the online form with standard information about the investment opportunity and upload documents that are necessary for investor’s decision.

·       Name of the company

·       Identification number of company (ICO), website

·       Capital required and Equity offered

·       Campaign duration

·       One Liner

·       Business idea/project summary

·       Business plan & other support documents

·       Video (youtube, Vimeo etc.) & Social Media links


3.  Applicant agrees with Terms & Conditions.

4.  Crowdberry team look into the Applicant’s business opportunity proposal and conduct analysis for further decision making.

5.  Dialog between Applicant and Crowdberry about the Due Diligence process.

6.  Approval for creating the investment campaign.

7.  Termsheet definition. Term Sheet is a non-biding document explaining the investment requirements and providing the legal framework of the investment opportunity both for Investor and Entrepreneur. Term-Sheet is pre-defined by Crowdberry but can be adjusted and customised based on mutual conversation between Applicant and Crowdberry.

8.  Applicant sign the Approval for releasing the campaign live and provides agreed document on the platform.

9.  All parties involved are binded by Non-disclosure agreement. (Investors, Applicant, Crowdberry)

10.              Investors look into the Investment campaign and review documents provided by company.

In case 80% of required capital has been raised successfully, a standard investment process follows.

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