Code of Ethics

Crowdberry bases its service on maximum trust and satisfying all its users, investors, and entrepreneurs alike. We emphasize fairness and transparency in our processes and services. At the same time, we are aware that certain potential conflicts of interest may exist in the scope of our services, which are addressed in this code. For definitions, please consult the Crowdberry Terms of Use.


A.    The platform and entrepreneurial goals

Crowdberry’s platform and services are equity investment services, through which a company’s shares are acquired as a way of procuring capital to develop that company (equity-based model). The companies available in Crowdberry’s offer are mostly start-ups in the initial stages of their existence and product development, business model development, and plans for searching potential markets to place their products. For these processes, companies generally need to attract capital, and in some cases management, advice, or other assistance.

B.     Crowdberry’s conflict of interest

a.     We are aware that a potential conflict may arise in situations where our fees for services provided come from the companies we evaluate themselves. This situation could in the short-term lead to a conflict of interest. Nevertheless, it is in our long-term benefit that the companies in our offer be successful, and for this reason, they are evaluated with the required professional care addressing the interests of the investor.

b.     We care about balanced representation of both the investor’s and company’s interests. Thus, if any Crowdberry employee or significant services contractor has a special relationship with any of the companies, it is their duty to inform a Poskytovateľ Provider about this fact, who will consequently evaluate whether the relationship endangers the objective provision of services, and in substantiated cases can exclude the given person from further engagement with the specific company.

C.     Partner’s conflict of interest

a.     Crowdberry’s service is based on the maximum satisfaction of investors and entrepreneurs alike. For this reason, we strive to minimise the potential conflicts of interest that could arise between entrepreneurs, the original partners, and the investors. We thoroughly consider every opportunity where a potential investor may be interested in becoming financially involved in a company with innovative and unusual designs. In these cases, we solve the situation by consulting the entrepreneur and the original partner, who, in exceptional cases, may refuse the given Investor.

D.    Proceedings in the event of conflict of interest or other complaints

a.     If you have substantiated suspicions that any of our employees or representatives is in conflict of interest, or have another complaint or other announcement, let us know about it via e-mail at compliance(at)

E.     Transparency of fees

a.     Our fees are transparent. In a successful campaign, that is, if at least 8o% of the investment goal is reached, Crowdberry will bill 8% of the value of completed investments to the company as commission. All fees concerning related and facilitated services, including court fees and notary fees, are included in the commission. Crowdberry does not accept payments or provisions from investors, nor does it accept payments beyond the provision.

F.     Overinvestment

a.     If we overinvest (commitments above 100% of the investment goal), the rule “first come, first served” applies, that is, whoever earlier commits to the investment has rightful priority and the obligation to effect investment.

G.    Confidentiality

a.     Confidentiality is fundamentally important to our operation. We do not publish the names of potential investors before closing the contract. We secure confidential information about our investments and personal data, and therefore none of it is published or passed on for marketing purposes. Nevertheless, you must consider that your equity shares are publicly available in the commercial register. More information can be found under the Personal Data Protection section.

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