Investment Opportunities


p.a. required return

€ 1,28M

Retail Park Piešťany - Plne prenajatý retail park v blízkosti centra mesta

Investícia do moderného retail parku v Piešťanoch so 100 % obsadenosťou a dlhodobými nájomnými zmluvami s obľúbenými nákupnými reťazcami Pepco, dm drogerie a Super zoo. Park bol skolaudovaný a obsadený nájomcami na jeseň 2019.

Retail park s čistou prenajímateľnou plochou cca 1 500 m2 leží na pozemku o veľkosti približne 4 100 m2 vedľa obchodnej prevádzky Lidl, čím tvorí obľúbenú obchodnú zónu pre sídlisko Juh, v blízkosti nákupných centier Tesco a Kaufland, 4 minúty autom od centra mesta a s priamym napojením na diaľnicu D1.

  • 3-ročný investičný horizont so stabilným výnosom.
  • Štandardne dlhodobé nájomné zmluvy (priemerná zostávajúca dĺžka najmú 5,1 roka – bez možnosti vypovedania).
  • Nájomcovia sú renomovane spoločnosti s vysokým rastom tržieb.
  • KLM real estate má s nájomcami dlhodobú spoluprácu, realizovali pre nich viac ako 30 nájomných plôch a ďalšie prevádzky pripravujú.
  • Financujúcou bankou je Tatra banka a stavbu realizovala stavebná spoločnosť Keraming.
  • Ochrana proti inflácii – každoročné zvyšovanie nájomného o 75 % výšky inflácie.
  • Preferenčná likvidita pre Crowdberry investorov a ďalšie ochranné nástroje zisku investorov aj v prípade poklesu ceny nehnuteľnosti.

  • KLM real estate, developer parku, má 17-ročné skúsenosti a úspešný track record s viac ako 33 zrealizovanými projektmi, z ktorých 16 predstavovalo retail parky so 41 nájomcami a 112 nájomnými jednotkami.
  • KLM real estate realizoval viacero úspešných predajov, v oblasti retail parkov predal v rokoch 2018 a 2019 portfólio 10-tich retail parkov s celkovou prenajímateľnou plochou 39-tis. m2 spoločnosti Tatra Asset Management.
Capital required 1 280 000 €
Interest shown 1 142 000 €
Number of investors 57


p.a. required return

€ 3M

isklad - e-commerce infrastructure and automated fulfillment for e-shops with global potential

Fulfillment company isklad  enables worldwide growth for e-shops thanks to its comprehensive coverage of the operational aspects of their business. The company provides a fully-developed software product automating logistics and warehouse processes for e-commerce vendors, supplemented with the effective outsourcing of a wide range of physical processes. This significantly simplifies the solution of logistics and a considerable part of the operations of any e-shop (warehouses processes, software, workforce, warehouse rental, logistics, cash on delivery, returns, online payments). In comparison with regular fulfillment providers, the e-shop (isklad client) is able to concentrate almost exclusively on sales and marketing. Over four years, isklad has helped more than 100 e-shops handle over 1.3 million orders and in 2019 reached a turnover of 2.6 million euros, making a total of 6.6 million euros over 3 years (2017-2019). The value of the company, however, is driven primarily by its proprietary software product and its readiness for further growth. The company intends to use the investment for expanding into a new, state-of-the-art warehouse and the automation of the physical components of its service. This helps the company to extend its lead on competitors and scale internationally through partnerships with leading e-commerce platforms. 

  • A solution that is unique on the market, combining automated software and warehouse solutions (outsourcing) of complex logistics infrastructure for e-shops 
  • Proprietary software with 7 years of development: advanced process and warehouse automation, 90 active e-shops, 1.3 million processed orders in 3 years
  • Outsourcing through isklad saves customers not only time, but also realistically 25-38% of costs in comparison to in-house operations, whereas building their own reliable logistics infrastructure and its adaptation to sales growth is a capital intensive and complex matter
  • Universal solution for simplified scaling - well-developed connection and configuration for e-shops all over the world - ensuring economies of scale in delivery and other areas
  • Number of shipped packages increases each year by 12.3% (CAGR)/374 million euros e-commerce market volume in Europe (2020) with estimated growth of 6.7% p.a. (CAGR 2020-2024)
  • Investment in systems for the automation of physical movement of products in the warehouse and expansion into more advanced warehouse facility (ability to accept more clients), 100 potential customers in pipeline (waiting list), roughly 2 inquiries per day
Capital required 3 000 000 €
Interest shown 1 851 000 €
Number of investors 112


p.a. required return

€ 1M

Nettle AI - Technology pioneer in development of conversational AI platforms that will take the customer experience to a new level

By 2021, more than 50% [1] of large companies will annually spend more on chatbots and virtual assistants than on mobile applications. Up to 80% [2] of companies plan to introduce their own chatbots this year. The estimated growth of the intelligent conversational technology market is 30% (CAGR 2019-2024). The Slovak technology start-up Nettle AI is revolutionising customer-oriented sectors, for which effective and problem-free communication is of key importance in terms of cost savings, sales support and maintaining the quality of customer service. The company provides a comprehensive portfolio of conversational artificial intelligence tools using advanced machine learning and natural language processing technologies. They are able to independently recognize the text, analyse it, and above all meaningfully respond and perform other operations without the need for human intervention. For example, if you participate in a chat with a bank in the near future and try to get answers to questions or need help with carrying out payment operations, technologies from Nettle AI will be behind it. Nettle AI's conversational artificial intelligence ranks among the best in the world and is used to communicate with customers by major technology companies and financial institutions including Eset, Samsung, ČSOB and 365 banka, among others. 

  • New-generation technology and messenger agency, leading position on markets in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Comprehensive conversational AI platform suitable for large corporations - technology developed on a turnkey basis with installation on the client's server with maximum protection of data flows 
  • The Nettle AI virtual assistant can rationally respond to a wide variety of questions and requests without human intervention in several languages, including English and German, as well as Slovak and other Central European languages
  • The company's growth potential is driven by progress in the development of AI, automation and the popularity of messenger platforms (more than four billion users [3]) 
  • Significant cost reduction - Nettle AI's technologies can ensure 24/7 support, while being able to fully replace or supplement operations centre employees 
  • Worldwide, by 2023 [4], companies will save 2.5 billion customer-service hours, which will bring annual cost savings in the value of USD 11 billion for retail, banking and healthcare. The total value of e-commerce transactions driven by chatbots should be USD 112 billion by 2023. 

[1] Source: Gartner

[2] Source: Oracle Survey of 800 Global CXOs

[3] Source: Companies, Apptopia, TechCrunch, BI Intelligence estimates, 2017

[4] Source: Juniper Research

[5] Source: Google RCS

Capital required 1 000 000 €
Interest shown 1 125 000 €
Number of investors 57


€ 982K

KLM Nitra - 100% leased logistics building with a 10-year lease agreement

Investment opportunity in a newly constructed logistics building (use approval in 2019) with a 10-year lease agreement to Slovak Parcel Service (SPS), a provider of express parcel services. The building has a leasable area of ca. 1,200 m2 and is located in close proximity to the Metro and Sconto retail stores, the Jaguar Land Rover car manufacturing plant and Nitra-Sever Industrial Park.

KLM real estate (KLM) has 17 years of experience in real estate development, with a strong team in place and an impressive portfolio of 33 completed projects with renowned partners.

  • The investment opportunity allows you to take advantage in the unprecedented growth in both e-commerce and delivery service sectors, which has led to an increased need for logistics space.
  • Opportunity to become a co-owner of an income producing property.
  • 10-year lease agreement signed with SPS, an established company that is part of Österreichische Post (Austria Post) that operates in 10 countries with an annual turnover of more than €2 billion and profits in excess of €144 million.
  • Inflation protection: rent will be increased by inflation each year.
  • The property is located close to the R1 expressway exit and only 5 km from Nitra city centre.
  • Construction of the building was carried out by HSF, an experienced construction company, and finance was provided by Tatra Banka a.s.

If you missed the opportunity to invest in KLM Nitra and would like to find out more about upcoming real estate projects, please contact our team

Capital required 982 000 €
Invested 1 516 000 €
Number of investors 89


€ 4M

Footshop - The fastest-growing retailer of lifestyle shoes and streetwear in Central and Eastern Europe

The fastest-growing retailer of lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories in the CEE region has a unique retail concept that goes beyond the traditional online and brick-and-mortar shopping model. Footshop has become a love brand and integral part of sneaker subculture in Central and Eastern Europe, a cult brand on the cutting edge of new trends. Thanks to its active local representation and community support, the retailer has not only built exclusive relationships with its suppliers, but a fan base of over one million followers on social networks in 15 countries. In the course of the last two years, the company has almost doubled its turnover to CZK 760 million in 2019.   

  • The widest product range on the market  4,000+ models of sneakers and many other models of apparel and accessories 
  • Close cooperation with Nike NBHD, adidas Consortium and Vans Vault - privileged exclusivity for limited-edition models not commonly available to regular online stores
  • 40% increase in annual revenues (CAGR) in the last 2 years, 300,000 customers and a turnover of CZK 760 million in 2019
  • Strong market presence within the CEE region  brick-and-mortar shops in Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Bucharest
  • Experienced team  40 marketing professionals and 30 IT experts, localization in 15 languages
  • Growth potential of the global fashion e-commerce industry to USD 700 billion by 2022 (approx. 10% CAGR from 2018), in Europe particularly to USD 133 billion – 9,7% CAGR with rapid growth in the lifestyle segment
Capital required 4 000 000 €
Invested 4 122 200 €
Number of investors 113


€ 1,2M

Isadore Apparel - for cyclists by cyclists - premium cycling apparel by the Velits brothers

The founders of the company, the Velits brothers, spent more than 10 years in the field of professional cycling and in 2013 decided to bring cycling clothing for cyclists to the market. Isadore Apparel offers premium products made from high quality natural and technical materials with an emphasis on functionality, style, ecological approach and sustainability. In its production it uses the rich experience of the founders from the world's largest races and its offer responds to the needs of cyclists, allowing them to fully enjoy the feeling of freedom and pleasure from ride. Over the past 6 years, the company has been able to build a strong online platform and, in combination with a presence on 5 continents, reach thousands of customers with high retention rates. In 2018, it reached sales of EUR 1.9 million, 40% of which in German-speaking countries.

  • For cyclists by cyclists – based on more than 10 years of professional cycling experience.
  • Local production in Púchov (Makyta) together with other Slovak and Czech producers allows for high flexibility, sustainability and ecology.
  • Turnover increase to almost EUR 2 million in 6 years since the company was established.
  • Own global e-shop and direct sale – almost 70% of turnover in 2018.
  • Loyal customers – 40% customer retention generating more than 40% of revenue.
  • International operations – the largest markets are Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Czechia, United Kingdom.
Capital required 1 200 000 €
Invested 1 200 000 €
Number of investors 67


€ 900K

SPECTER HOCKEY - Revolutionary new technology to the game of ice hockey



SPECTER HOCKEY is bringing a revolutionary new technology to the game of ice hockey. The company has developed a patented multi-layered material with a unique rough and water-resistant surface that is applied to the blade of hockey sticks, increasing shot accuracy, improving puck control and increasing robustness and longevity compared to standard hockey tape. The uniqueness of this material is validated by scientifically proven benefits for player performance as well as the endorsement of SPECTER HOCKEY by elite NHL players such as Zdeno Chára and Roman Josi.

  • Network– a member of the SPECTER HOCKEY team is professional player agent Peter Neveriš (agent to Marián Hossa, Tomáš Tatar) with extensive NHL experience, Zdeno Chára is an investor and brand ambassador
  • Over 14,000 pieces sold and 50 advertising partnership agreements signed since launch of sales in October 2018 (until now only in Slovakia and Czech Republic) and the innovative hockey tape was also played with at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, IIHF World Championship 2019 and 2019 Stanley Cup Finals
  • Unique shape and option of custom design – tape application only on the front and back sides of the blade enables better puck control, reduces friction between hockey stick and ice and enables print of custom design to meet the needs of clubs, sponsors and players
  • Market volume of ice hockey equipment approximately 1 billion USD p.a. – ca. 30 % of which are hockey sticks
  • SPECTER HOCKEY is bringing the first significant innovation in hockey tape in over 100 years (used by every hockey player)
  • Tested in collaboration with scientists of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and elite professional hockey players – 3% increase in shot speed, 6% increase in accuracy and 5% increase in energy
  • Winner: Most Promising Slovak Startup of 2018, US Connections Spring 2017, Slovak Business Agency grant and others
  • Patent application submitted – 2 years of development, over 100 material variations and 1,000+ hours of on-ice testing
Capital required 900 000 €
Invested 822 080 €
Number of investors 45


€ 1,05M

AKULAR - Augmented reality platform for the visualisation of 3D models in real estate by Cviker


The cloud platform AKULAR aims to connect the advantages of communicating 3D construction models with the technology for their effective conversion and visualisation. AKULAR is responding to low rates of digitalisation and ineffective processes in construction, enabling the rapid visualisation of all types of 3D models in augmented reality (AR). On standard mobile devices, the platform is able to visualise 3D models of buildings and infrastructure in real size and directly in the context of its surroundings before actual construction has begun. As a result, the technology streamlines decision-making, planning and construction processes. For a wide range of stakeholders including architects, project managers, developers and clients, as well as the public, AKULAR provides visualisations of multiple project alternatives, thus reducing the need for costly physical mock-ups and can save project costs in the hundreds of thousands of euros.

  • Revenues exceeding EUR 320 thsd. for the years 2019 and 2020 to date
  • Successful integration with leading building information modelling platform Autodesk BIM360. Users of this platform (tens of thousands construction, architecture and development firms and millions of users worldwide) will be given access to the AKULAR product directly in their existing BIM360 interface with their own pre-loaded 3D models
  • Rapid and cost-effective 3D model visualisation – better decision-making and hundreds of thousands of euros in project cost savings
  • Visualisation and simple sharing of 3D models through standard mobile devices (tablet, phone) as well as specialized AR or VR headsets
  • Free dedicated app and communication medium for municipalities and the public regarding ongoing projects
  • Successful projects with leading US developers Boston Properties and JBG Smith – including visualisation of the new Amazon HQ2 at National Landing
  • Attendance at leading technology and real estate conferences including CES Las Vegas 2019, MIPIM, OECD Forum
  • Innovation prize for project on behalf of client FreeAxez at the 50th edition of commercial design event NeoCon
  • Attended startup accelerator Smart City Works in Washington, D.C.
  • Grants EUR 119,000 (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization) and USD 35,000 (US Connections under Slovak American Foundation)

Capital required 1 050 000 €
Invested 1 161 313 €
Number of investors 38


€ 4M

GymBeam - The fastest growing e-commerce fitness platform in Central and Eastern Europe

GymBeam engages in the development, marketing and distribution of fitness nutritional supplements, functional food and equipment for an active and healthy lifestyle in 7 countries of Central and Eastern Europe via a technologically driven e-commerce platform with advanced customer care.

In 2019, the company expects a turnover of 20+ mil. EUR, with its own brands accounting for almost 60 % of the total value of the products sold. GymBeam stands out among its competition of traditional online resellers and brick-and-mortar stores due to its ability to market innovations in a very short time. Detailed analysis of customer behaviour and trends, the company's strategy of developing proprietary products, and exceptionally competitive prices of over 9,300 unique products offered through its online store enables GymBeam to actively react to changes in customer demand. The goal of this growth investment is to help GymBeam to become a leading brand in all markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Fastest growing fitness brand in the CEE region operating in SK, CZ, HU, RO, BG, HR and UA.
  • E-commerce platform with sports nutrition, nutritional supplements, functional food and sportswear.
  • 4 custom brands that complement online marketing with offline delivery point, future representation also in Budapest and Prague.
  • Revenues 2015: 2.5 mil. EUR, 2016: 5 mil. EUR, 2017: 9.9 mil. EUR, 2018: 13.4 mil. EUR, 2019: 22+ mil. EUR.
  • 1,700 packages shipped daily, warehouse space of 7,740 m2 in Košice with 24-hour delivery of products to Central Europe.
  • Net profit of 83 ths. EUR in 2018 and 200 ths. EUR expected profit in 2019.
  • Executive team: 25+ years of experience in e-commerce, marketing and IT; advisory board: Ex-Google, BioTechUSA, Magento, Oracle; a total of 106 employees from 9 countries.
  • Nearly 500 ths. followers on Facebook/Instagram. 
Capital required 4 000 000 €
Invested 4 000 200 €
Number of investors 47


€ 2M

Ecocapsule - Designer mobile micro-house


Ecocapsule is a wind and solar energy powered, self-sustainable, world-renowned smart-home. The company has taken pre-orders from prominent customers from all over the world, even Hollywood.

  • The first limited series of 50 Ecocapsules is reserved by customers from four continents
  • Strong demand in the B2B segment - hotel chains, tourist resorts, oil companies
  • Thousands of enquiries, hundreds of Ecocapsule reservations and pre-orders from four continents
  • Small-scale production of Ecocapsule started in spring of 2018
  • First orders shipped to the Netherlands, Japan and USA
  • Ecocapsule will produce and deliver 25-30 pcs in 2019 and is preparing large-scale serial production with external manufacturers for 2020
  • A team of experienced architects, designers and engineers has been completed by senior profesionals in the field of production and operations management  
Capital required 2 000 000 €
Investment closing from EUR 1,2 million
Invested 1 754 000 €
Number of investors 58
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