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p.a. required return

€ 1,2M

Sensoneo - Global Leader in Smart Waste Management

Sensoneo is a global provider of logistics and monitoring solutions for waste management. Smart IoT sensors and software apps help optimise waste collection cost, improve the environment, and boost people’s well-being.

Goals: digitalisation of waste management (smart-city solution) and significant cost savings of millions of Euros annually

  • Up to 30% reduction of waste collection costs – annual savings of millions of EUR for cities like Bratislava or Prague; dozens of millions in cost saving potential for cities like Montréal, Canada 
  • Thousands of sensors in 96 locations in 22 countries on 5 continents
  • Technology leader – the company developed its own hardware and software, the first and only ready-to-use solution compatible with the largest network of IoT devices in NB-IoT to date
  • 30 active trained and certified sales and implementation partners in 20 countries
  • Cooperation with global tech giants – T-mobile US headquartersHuawei UAE headquarters, Nokia, Microsoft
  • 300% annual sales increase with a 150 new prospects in the sales pipeline for the coming 12-24 months period
Capital required 1 200 000 €
Interest shown 1 280 000 €
Number of investors 72


p.a. required return

€ 550K

Malý Gazda - Premium family mini-dairy expands internationally

A traditional family-owned mini-dairy company specializes in the production of premium yoghurts from cow’s milk packed and matured solely in a glass since 2013. With the extension of its product line with new yoghurts and traditional desserts, Malý Gazda has ambitions of becoming a leader in the segment of premium boutique dairy companies in Central Europe.

  • Production of premium yoghurts in a glass made from high-quality ingredients, based on the traditional practices of successful dairy companies in the First Czechoslovak republic.
  • Profitable business with expected revenues of over 650,000 EUR and growth exceeding 50 % in 2018.
  • Company’s own partially automated production facility based in Prešov, Slovakia with a production capacity of 1.5-2 mil. yoghurts per year.
  • Awarded for best design and packaging at global design competition Pentawards in Tokio.
  • Over 300 points of sales in Slovakia, products are sold in supermarket chains Billa, Kaufland, Coop, Fresh, and Libex, and also in hotels and restaurants.
  • Exports to Hungarian and Czech markets with ambitions of further local growth and regional geographical expansion. 
Capital required 550 000 €
Interest shown 195 000 €
Number of investors 24


p.a. required return

- €

Retino - SaaS solution for complaints and returns management, suitable for every e-shop

Retino addresses the growing problem of complaints and returns in eCommerce and offers an easy-to-integrate solution for any type of e-shop. It has transformed manual and time-consuming complaint processes with high risk of error into an automated process that can save up to 60% of the time and costs associated with complaints and returns. Retino brings communication and customer service together in a single interface, making the complaint process user-friendly both for e-shops and for customers, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

  • Automation from complaint receipt to follow-up online monitoring, including logistics
  • Significant increase in customer satisfaction and likelihood of repeat purchase
  • 2.4 million relevant complaints in the Czech Republic and Slovakia annually; 14 million in CEE, with an expected doubling in 3 years
  • Solution offered as a plug-and-play module to the providers of tech e-shop solutions; already integrated with (15 thousand e-shops)
  • Experienced mentors Josef Matějka (CZC), Martin Rozhoň (Vivantis), and Peter Hajduček (Footshop)
  • Successful completion of investment round and due diligence process in StartupYard Batches 8


In preparation
Capital required - €
Interest shown - €
Number of investors -


€ 800K

Boataround - Yacht booking portal – II. round

Have you missed the opportunity to invest in Try – in one and a half years, a company of two people with a catalogue of 200 boats and dozens of customers has become a company with global reach, hundreds of customers from 14 countries and the largest catalogue of ships in the world counting 9100 vessels.

  • Internationally experienced team: the founders have come from the globally successful platform
  • Largest global own catalogue of boats: contains more than 9,100 vessels from 560 renowned partners
  • Worldwide offer: 300+ destinations in 42 countries on 5 continents
  • International reach: customers from 14 countries
  • Verified business model: annual 10-fold increase in the number of ships, reservations and destinations 
Capital required 800 000 €
Interest shown 800 000 €
Number of investors 26


€ 2M

Ecocapsule - Designer mobile micro-house


Ecocapsule is a wind and solar energy powered, self-sustainable, world-renowned smart-home. The company has taken pre-orders from prominent customers from all over the world, even Hollywood.

  • The first limited series of 50 Ecocapsules is reserved by customers from four continents
  • Strong demand in the B2B segment - hotel chains, tourist resorts, oil companies
  • Thousands of enquiries, hundreds of Ecocapsule reservations and pre-orders from four continents
  • Small-scale production of Ecocapsule started in January 2018
  • First products will be shipped to the US, Japan, and Australia
  • The first 25 units will be produced in 2018 and the company is preparing large-scale production to deliver more than 650 units by 2020
  • A team of experienced architects, designers and engineers has been completed by senior profesionals in the field of production and operations management 
Capital required 2 000 000 €
Investment closing from EUR 1,2 million
Interest shown 2 436 000 €
Number of investors 115


€ 1,65M

SeniorHouse - Quality retirement facility for seniors, retirees and pensioners



Seniorhouse is a unique and modern residential facility with professional care for elderly people who are dependent on 24/7 care and for Alzheimer patients in Bratislava. The end of the construction phase with the final inspection and opening is planned in fall 2018.

  • The largest and the most advanced specialized private facility in Bratislava with affordable prices available for public
  • 21,000 m2 property area and newly-reconstructed buildings in the natural environment of easily accessible location of Dúbravka
  • SeniorHouse is led by an experienced management team that gained experience in similar facilities
  • Affordable prices after deduction of state subsidies and retirement pensions
  • Finishing building phase and opening for clients planned in autumn 2018
  • Investment along with experienced investors with expected stable dividend yield that does not depend on situation on financial markets and geopolitical events
  • Crowdberry investors become owners of the facility, property and buildings and receive a priority right for placing their family member to facility
Capital required 1 650 000 €
Annual preferred dividend payout.
Interest shown 2 223 340 €
Number of investors 119


€ 835K

MultiplexDX - Personalised Cancer Diagnosis

Even science with higher purpose can lead to a commercially successful business. An innovative biotechnology company is developing accurate and affordable methods of personalised cancer diagnostics. What would it be like to participate on better cancer treatment?

  • Target: eliminate incorrect cancer diagnosis and save more lives thanks to the 99% accuracy of the personalised diagnostic method
  • Existing product portfolio and EUR 120K cumulative turnover since its foundation 
  • Customers include the National Institute of HealthAlbert Einstein College of Medicine, Düsseldorf Universitätsklinikum, Cornell University, The Rockefeller University, Vanderbilt University
  • Team: renowned specialists in the field of biochemistry, biology and biophysics with experience from leading global research institutions including Rockefeller University and the National Cancer Institute, as well as pharmaceutical companies
Capital required 835 000 €
Total investment volume between USD 1 and 1.3 million, equivalent of EUR 835k to 1 million
Interest shown 1 003 000 €
Number of investors 78


€ 800K

Čezeta - The reborn Czecho-Slovak symbol

Čezeta is back as a new electric model combining modern technology and the legendary motorcycle’s timeless design. Support the Czech brand and contribute to its growth across the world.

  • The new, fully electric model of the Čezeta 506 approved for sale throughout the EU
  • With a range of 150 km and maximum speed of 123 km/h, it’s the best in its class
  • Small-scale production running at the production plant in Prostějov
  • Dozens of current customers with a quickly rising demand around the world with an enormous potential
  • Own innovative patent-protected production technologies
  • Experienced team headed by an English visionary and a motorcycle racer from Bohemia 
Capital required 800 000 €
Interest shown 800 000 €
Number of investors 93


€ 1M

Sensoneo - Smart waste monitoring system

Sensoneo provides a modern and user-friendly solution that delivers a continuous monitoring of waste levels in containers via ultrasound sensors built into each container. The solution can be applied to any industry, as it is able to monitor content...

Interest shown 1 000 000 €
Number of investors 6


€ 750K

Ecocapsule - Mobile self-sustainable house

Ecocapsule is a mobile and self-sustainable micro-house that allows people to live away from civilization almost anywhere in the world. The company has received positive responses from around the world, and its popularity is evident from more than 300 paid pre-orders. Demand is growing daily.

Capital required 750 000 €
Interest shown 750 000 €
Number of investors 11
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