MultiplexDX - Personalised Cancer Diagnosis


97,75 %   
1 000 000 €

MultiplexDX, an innovative biotechnology company is developing accurate and affordable methods of personalised cancer diagnostics. The team, which consists of experienced, renowned scientists, won the Slovak Start-up Awards 2016 and has joined the New Europe 100: “Eastern Europe's emerging technology stars” compiled by Google and the Financial Times, among others.

  • Target: eliminate incorrect cancer diagnosis and save more lives thanks to the 99% accuracy of the personalised diagnostic method
  • EUR 120k turnover with the existing product portfolio in a pilot phase
  • Customers include the National Institute of Health, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Düsseldorf Universitätsklinikum, Cornell University, The Rockefeller University, Vanderbilt University
  • Team: renowned specialists in the field of biochemistry, biology and biophysics with experience from leading global research institutions including Rockefeller University and the National Cancer Institute, as well as pharmaceutical companies
977 500 €
Number of investors
Ends in
9 days
Minimal ticket
2 000 €
Required capital
1 000 000 €

24,15% ownership

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