iXworx - Interactive 3D presentation of luxury products - 1st round



106,67 %   

320 000 €

300 000 €

The Ixworx company is a Slovak startup that since its establishment in 2014 has focused on developing innovative solutions for easier production of 3D models for commercial applications of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. Founder Slavo Hazucha and his team have extensive experience with big 3D data management thanks to many years in the game industry. Ixworx gained three rounds of investment from Slovak investors and recently marketed a software tool for easier production of interactive 3D applications – OPTIUM 3D.

Required capital
300 000 €
Number of investors
320 000 €
Minimal ticket
10 000 €

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About investment opportunity

Thanks to a boom in mobile devices, there is a growing demand for interactive mobile applications, such as 3D manuals, 3D presentations and virtual reality. These applications let users get information more quickly and comprehensibly than in the usual printed or online form or through video media. For example, a model of a sports car broken down into its individual parts with detailed information about each, or a manual for magnetic resonance or any other product. The advantage of these solutions is that they can be accessed from any device. When the iXworx company was established in 2014, it started producing such applications.

In order to use these applications in mobile devices, developers must fundamentally simplify the original and very complex 3D model that contains each part. For example, in the case of cars or industrial products, such as turbines, it is a very time-consuming operation. The iXworx company developed software that considerably simplifies this process. “Since the time our company was established, it was not our goal to only be a 3D content supplier. In fact, we decided to turn life around for these agencies and develop an online tool that would allow 3D mobile content production to be cut short by up to 75%, which often means saving many days of work,” explains iXworx company founder Slavomír Hazucha.

In the past, there was only one similar tool on the market from the Simplygone company which provided the same functionality, to a degree. However, after acquisition by Microsoft, the tool is no longer available to common users.

In view of developments in augmented and virtual reality in the commercial segment, the company expects growing interest from professional 3D mobile content developers. This was why in 2016 the company again caught the attention of investors on the Crowdberry crowd-investment platform. “iXworx is the first company that has successfully completed the second investment round on our platform. The interest of our investors in total investment was first based on the global scale of the project and then on the fact that globally there are several million professional users who work in 3D data production. The emergence of new hardware platforms will surely mean further considerable growth,” says Michal Nešpor from the Crowdberry platform.


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