Malý Gazda - Premium family mini-dairy expands internationally



100 %   

550 000 €

550 000 €


This traditional family-owned mini-dairy company specializes in the production of premium yoghurts from cow's milk, which it has packed and matured in glass since 2013. With the extension of its product line to new yoghurts and traditional desserts, Malý Gazda has ambitions of becoming a leader in the segment of premium boutique dairy companies in Central Europe.

  • Production of premium yoghurts in a glass made from high-quality ingredients, based on the traditional practices of internationally successful French family dairy companies.
  • Profitable business with expected revenues of over EUR 500,000 in 2019 and significant improvement of profitability versus the financial year 2018.
  • Company’s own partially automated production facility based in Prešov, Slovakia with a production capacity of up to 3 mil. yoghurts per year.
  • Awarded for best design and packaging at global design competition Pentawards in Tokio.
  • Over 300 points of sales in Slovakia, products are sold in supermarket chains including Billa, Kaufland, Tesco, Terno and Coop Jednota, and also in hotels and restaurants.
  • Exports to Hungarian and Czech markets with ambitions of further local growth and regional geographical expansion.
Required capital
550 000 €
Number of investors
550 000 €
Minimal ticket
5 000 €

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About investment opportunity


  • Growth capital to secure corporate infrastructure and production capacity for international expansion and lead in the segment of premium yoghurts and desserts in Central Europe
  • Expand in-house production with new product lines and premium desserts made with traditional technologies
  • Become a leader in the segment of premium boutique dairy shops in Central Europe

The profitable family mini-dairy shop was founded in 2013 by husband and wife Jozef Švec and Zuzana Ševcová and focuses on the production of traditional yoghurts from fresh cow’s milk packaged and cultured exclusively in glass, with no additives.​ 

Malý Gazda offers customers high quality and healthy nutrition whilst being considerate to the natural environment. By expanding in-house production with new product lines and premium desserts made with traditional technologies, the company has the potential to become a leader in the segment of premium boutique dairy shops in Central Europe. 


Traditionally produced yoghurts from fresh milk have undisputed and scientifically proven health benefits. They are the most effective source of calcium, help prevent osteoporosis, colon cancer and cardiovascular diseases. They are a source of beneficial gut flora, which help maintain balance of the digestive system as well as strengthen one’s immune system. 


Fresh milk is delivered from nearby farms on daily basis, homogenized (fat particles equally distributed) and pasteurized (heated to 85-95 °C for 5 minutes), destroying potentially harmful microorganisms. 

Milk is cooled to fermentation temperature (ca. 40 °C). Yoghurt cultures are added and product is inserted directly into glass package. The sealed glass container is moved to a box in which it is fermented at 37-40 °C. Billions of yoghurt bacteria over a 3-4 hour period transform lactose – sugar contained in milk – to lactic acid. This changes the structure of milk proteins. 

When the yoghurt reaches appropriate sourness, it is quickly cooled to 4-6 °C and stored. Yoghurt produced in this way is slightly more sour, has a more solid consistency and excellent nutritional values. It does not use chemical additives and stabilizers and lasts 3-4 weeks. Total production and processing of 1,000L of milk, from which ca. 5,000 yoghurts is made, lasts ca. 9 hours.​ 


Analysis by research firm Mordor Intelligence estimates the volume of the EU yoghurt market at approximately EUR 30 bil. with an annual growth of 3-4% CAGR by 2022. Regions of Central Europe with historically lower yoghurt consumption rates relative to western countries are expected to grow at a greater pace.

A primary driver within the yoghurt segment is expected to be the demand for quality products, favouring premium producers. Market potential is concentrated in the customer segment of 15-64 years, who decide on the purchase of specific products – 3.8 mil. in Slovakia and 6.9 mil. in Czech Republic. At an average consumption of 12kg of yoghurt per capita and price of 55 cents per 200g, the market size is estimated at EUR 352 mil. The premium segment thus represents ca. EUR 45 mil. 



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