BLOG: Good morning ECOCAPSULE, good morning Crowdberry team

In the summer of 2016, I received a registration code-at the time, the only way to get involved with Crowdberry investments-to join the Crowdberry platform. Over the next few months I enjoyed several events for investors and met the ECOCAPSULE team for the very first time. The "egg" offered a very different perspective on the standard "box" of cubic meters. I couldn't get my head around it-especially because of the machine-like complexity of the capsule, which the team presented as a fully sustainable home.

At the time, ECOCAPSULE was working hard on the many "eggs" which are now being delivered worldwide, and it was a complicated process full of surprises for the designing and manufacturing teams. As an investor, I've been able to witness some of it (and go under the hood to see quite a few interesting challenges for the team).

The journey that this small team of architects and entrepreneurs led by Tomas in Bratislava was willing to get on was inspirational for me. Having seen quite a few manufacturing sites, automated lines, and robots over my career, I wanted to support this new idea with other investors. Crowdberry was putting together a special investors' club, and I hoped that this terrific new microhome or boat or caravan-that is how people I met describe it-would challenge the standard way we think about space.

So at the end of February 2017, I became co-owner and investor of ECOCAPSULE. I've experienced a lot of eye-opening moments with the Crowdberry team, and a lot of brain damage :) from reading pages and pages of investment materials and analysis. It was a very different experience from anything you'll come across in the standard investment landscape. Daniel and Michal didn't make it easy :), but they did make it transparent and, better still, asked for full engagement, which made me even more excited.

To make a long story short: Year later, after seeing the first ECOCAPSULE hanging from a helicopter over the Danube river in Bratislava and landing on the new Crowdberry office, where the ECOCAPSULE team presented the REAL THING to the world for the first time, I woke up this morning in Bratislava in an ECOCAPSULE next to the Danube with an amazing view! It was a dream come true. My only disappointment comes from the fact that it's not my "egg." Thank you, ECOCAPSULE team, for sharing.

As a co-owner, I am proud to be part of the journey. It's an amazing feeling. I need a few days to absorb it all and will come back to you with more insights. It was an awe-inspiring and long journey and a massive job the ECOCAPSULE team did with support of Crowdberry. FINGERS CROSSED for your future, and my thanks for having me along for the ride.

Peter Bečár, partner Crowdberry


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