Crowdberry has been officially launched!

After months of preparation, we could finally celebrate. On Thursday, 21 May 2015, at Impact HUB in Bratislava, the platform for financing start-ups and interesting projects was launched – our Crowdberry. The project was introduced by Martin Huba (co-founder, community manager), Patrik Horný (concept co-creator, co-founder, and platform leader), Viktor Mikulášek (leader of the start-up study launcher under which Crowdberry was created). Our investing partner, Tatra Banka Private Banking, was represented by Peter Frčo, also the concept co-creator and responsible for the project at Tatra Banka. After a short, official party, the 100-person “crowd” devoted several hours to talking to individuals on the Crowdberry team. With the culinary skills of Mrva&Stanko, Treat Fresh Food, and Herbert Syrups, the mood in the room was excellent. You can find some pictures of the event here. We would like to thank all those who came to the launch party and took part in creating a fantastic atmosphere of great networking, encouragement, and constructive ideas for improvement. If you know people from the start-up community, be sure to let them know about Crowdberry! One more fun fact to finish with: the first project registered directly on the platform on the day of the launch party, at around 23:00, only a few hours before the website launched!


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