Crowdinvesting platform Crowdberry announces investments of EUR 1 600 000.

Thanks to Crowdberry, the biggest Slovak crowdinvesting platform, investors have gained shares in innovative companies to the value of 1 600 000 euros since the start of the year. Three Slovak companies have thus obtained capital for further growth, as well as new partners, often experienced businessman who can appreciate their money but also help other, hopeful companies succeed. Crowdberry facilitates investment by private investors into companies in exchange for equity and thus offers an opportunity to build strong and growing companies.

“To be able to help Slovak and Czech companies in the long-term, we have to support to the utmost the appreciation of investments from our registered investors. For this reason, we only present high-quality, innovative companies possessing all the pre-requisites for long-term growth, which represents about ten percent of start-ups currently applying for financing,” said Michal Nešpor from Crowdberry.

Many companies from the Crowdberry platform have the ambition to succeed not only on a regional but global scale. The ixworx company, a developer of innovative solutions for simpler creation of commercial 3D presentation for many mobile devices, has already gained 800 000 euros in two rounds of investment. Other investments went to Ecocapsule, manufacturers of globally recognised, attractively designed, mobile, and energy self-sufficient houses, or to Boataround, a booking system for the renting yachts all around the world. Manufacturer of natural syrups, Herber Syrups, has been successful in the past acquiring capital. Currently, six new companies are looking for investments, applying for almost 7 million euros. Other companies are going through the preparatory phase, which includes the thorough review of business plans, strategies, and financial outcomes.

In 2017, Nešpor anticipates the growth a number of companies and investments: “We are seeing fast growth of interest in companies and investors with great potential in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We don’t focus solely on a specific sector, but on a portfolio of opportunities that is as diverse as possible, so that every investor finds an area they understand most and can thus help with the future success of their investment.” 

“Currently we are looking for talented additions to the team, whose goal is to offer first-class service to investors and companies.” Crowdinvesting is a modern and effective means of direct investment into dynamic companies. This is an innovative addition to traditional bank-based financing. Thanks to Crowdberry, small to medium-sized companies can raise capital for expansion and growth even under situations where they don’t have access to bank financing. In contrast, this financing offers investors the opportunity to appreciate their investment and obtain equity in innovative companies. 

“We first decided on financing through Crowdberry at the end of 2015. By February 2016, we had gained investment of 300 000, mostly from one investor active in our branch of business that helps us with opening doors to and developing new clients. We pursued the next round of financing again through Crowdberry, mainly for the quality of their service after successfully closing the investment,” said Slavomír Hazucha, founder of ixworx. 


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