Investments in science create new leaders and bring returns

History has repeatedly shown that a crisis can affect the beginning of progress and the creation of new leaders. This also applies in the world of investment.

For investing – and not only at this time – the way to diversify is by undertaking investments in companies that have adapted quickly and have an opportunity to initiate economic development. It is necessary to consider investment, though allocation of domestic capital to local firms is more than just an opportunity for an attractive return. Investors have a unique opportunity to participate in value creation and a strong innovative economy, to be part of a story that will bring leaders and innovations into every area of life. Interesting investment opportunities – sometimes from your own neighbourhood – are also provided by professional growth-capital platforms such as Crowdberry.

Science and research at the fore
Science, research, education and innovation are coming to the fore, having gained the attention of the state and the public. Scientists’ projects seek respect and support. Investments in these areas produce ground-breaking solutions to problems in healthcare, the environment, urban planning and other areas that are of key importance for society. The example of the success achieved by scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Pavol Čekan and his company MultiplexDX embodies the importance of allocating capital to local potential and supporting innovative companies. Without private investors that were  able to assume a higher level of risk, Slovakia would not have been able to take significant steps in the field of cancer diagnostics or enable self-sufficiency in the area of top-quality SARS CoV-2 virus tests, which MutliplexDX is already producing for our country.

Transition to the digital world and rapid response
The pandemic is shaping various scenarios of how the world will function after the crisis ends. It is already clear today that winners are defined by the ability to respond to changes and their relationship to technology. An offer based on digital distribution and technology creates space to cope with huge declines in demand. Over the past two months, only e-commerce has seen above-average increases in all key markets consisting of ordinary consumption. We have seen several positive examples of companies to which this situation has brought a completely new type of customer and unprecedented interest in their products.

With its sophisticated online model, expansive sales policy and portfolio of products promoting a healthy lifestyle, GymBeam ranks among the key players in the region. The growth of online sales of the Velits brothers’ Isadore Apparel in the past two weeks has also exceeded expectations. Thanks to collaboration with Makyta Púchov, the company has also moved into production of face masks for clients. The manufacturer of the well-known Ecocapsule self-sufficient smart-home is experiencing a second boom in orders and has signed a contract with a major European client to supply capsules by the end of 2021 and is preparing to start production of a fleet of rental Ecocapsule at hotel resorts around the world.

This article was created thanks to cooperation with the economic daily Hospodárske noviny as part of the Investment in Business series:


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