Isadore Apparel appeals to millions of Tour de France fans on Eurosport and has a record interest in its brand

The journey is our life – Based on true events

With their brand, Isadore Apparel, the Velits brothers have succeeded in raising their visibility among millions of viewers of the most-watched sports TV channel, Eurosport. A commercial for the brand is being aired in prime time during the long-awaited peak of the Tour de France 2020 cycling season. It can be seen by viewers in 53 countries. The objective of the campaign was to show that cycling is a way of life, which is something that every passionate cyclist immediately identifies with. Viewers (cyclists) will find in the commercial a brand that understands cyclists and with which they can associate. It is not merely another boring spot with a cyclist in a nice environment. In comparison with the previous year, the ad brought a 300% increase in the brand’s website visitation rate in just four days from its airing, and the number of Google searches of the brand has increased by an incredible 700% since the start of the campaign. The concept revolves around authenticity, which is a characteristic of this Slovak brand, and it has received a huge number of positive responses on social networks around the world. The number of fans on Facebook and Instagram grows by the hundreds in real time with each the broadcast of the TV spot.

Peter Velits competed in the Tour de France multiple times during his cycling career. We asked him about his views on making the shift from cyclist to entrepreneur and what he expects from the campaign. 

Yours is the first company from the Crowdberry portfolio—and it can be said that it is also the first Slovak brand—to have a spot on Europe-wide TV in one of the peaks of the season. Was it difficult to achieve that? 

We were in contact with Eurosport two years ago, but it wasn’t the right time then. And not just financially. The company was not ready to take such a step. Thanks to the investments from Crowdberry investors, however, we managed to reach the point where we were able to implement this marketing plan. Furthermore, an opportunity like this may not come around again. High viewership of the Tour de France is expected due to the absence of most races this year, as well as the absence of a large proportion of fans due to persistent pandemic restrictions.

You competed in the Tour de France several times as a professional cyclist. How do you view this cycling event now—in the role of a commentator and, at the same time, as an advertiser?

Of course, each perspective is different; everything revolves around the Tour de France as the biggest cycling event. Personally, I am glad that we can watch the tour on TV despite the year we are having. At the same time, we can have our spot on the most-watched sports channel in Europe.

You launched the campaign with a TV spot that humorously reveals situations that cyclists commonly experience but don’t talk about. Were you inspired by your own experiences?

Yes, exactly. Every cyclist is familiar with the scenes in the spot and should be able to identify with them. We also wanted to make a commercial that would attract attention and wouldn’t be just another lovely spot showing a cyclist in a nice environment with a strong focus on the product. We’d rather not be involved with a spot like that.

What are your expectations for the campaign?

We believe that the whole campaign will raise awareness of the Isadore brand throughout Europe, though mainly in the DACH region, which is our strongest market. We have other marketing activities there that should help us significantly. The financial effect will not be immediate, but we expect that our customer base will gradually grow. 

Isadore Apparel transformed passion for sport into a business that is benefitting from rising interest in cycling and is growing even in the current period thanks to good knowledge of the customer and targeted marketing. The company is continuing to implement its plans and is successfully expanding into its target market in German-speaking countries (the DACH region), while enjoying record numbers in domestic markets (40% increase in revenues in Slovakia compared to last year) and strengthening its position among world leaders in the segment.

It’s still possible to become a co-owner of the Isadore Apparel brand and to play a role in its further growth and success. More information on this investment opportunity is available at


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