Ixworx has collected 300 000 euros with Crowdberry’s help

The campaign of the ixworx company, which offers services and software for interactive 3D presentations of luxury and industrial products, has reached 100% of their required investment funding, amounting to 300 000 euros, in a very short time. Most of their investment comes from the current Venture Capital investor Neulogy Ventures and from private investors, a part coming directly from Crowdberry clients and Tatra Banka Private Banking. Crowdberry has thus demonstrated its ability to cooperate in the current investment ecosystem in Slovakia. The ixworx company, which had well-prepared business plans and information for investors, has attracted considerable attention from the beginning. It quickly became clear, even at their first introduction at the Crowdberry investor’s soiree in Tatra Banka, that interest from investors will be significant. The Crowdberry team is very pleased that more and more clients from Tatra Banka Private Banking are demonstrating their interest in investing into innovative companies applying for capital via the Crowdberry platform. 


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