Malý gazda, a company from Prešov, has new investors, expands the productions and launches new products

Bratislava / Prešov, November 28, 2019 – Traditional family business Malý gazda, based in Prešov, Slovakia,received a half-million-euro investment and expands its production. The company that started its productionin the backyard of the house in a small village produces nowadays 4,000 yoghurts every day and supplies themto stores in Slovakia and Hungary. The investment of EUR 550,000 received through the Crowdberry platformwill enable the company to double its production volume, launch new products and expand to more markets.The investors who joined the company offer valuable business experience from the food industry. This shallhelp the company set up internal processes and infrastructure for international expansion and launch newproducts.

Consumption of fermented dairy products, including those produced by traditional methods, grows in Europe.On average, every European consumes almost 19 kg of yoghurt a year. France leads with 21 kg, while Poland ison the other side of scale with 8 kg per capita, however, with the highest annual increase in consumption.Slovaks consume on average 17.3 kg of fermented dairy products per capita of which 12 kg are yoghurts. Marketresearch conducted by MI agency estimates the size of the European yoghurt market at around EUR 30 billionwith annual growth of 3 - 4 %, and the share of premium segment is expected to increase. This category alsoincludes yoghurts from Malý gazda that are produced from fresh cow’s milk from local suppliers, matured andpackaged in glass.

The positive trend and growing demand for traditional high-quality products open up an opportunity for Malýgazda to establish the company on more European markets. The first market that the company will enter in 2020is going to be the Czech Republic. “The influx of capital and new investors from the Crowdberry platform withtheir business experience, especially in the food sector, help us grow and prepare for international expansion,”says Zuzana Ševcová, the co-founder of Malý gazda. “Naturally, this includes setting up internal processes andcompany’s overall transformation from a small local dairy company to a family business of international quality.Our yoghurts are currently available on the shelves of stores in Slovakia and Hungary. Last year, we producedapproximately 1.2 million yogurts. The investment has already enabled us to launch new premium desserts andproduct line for children, expand our premises and implement a new production line. As a result, we are able todouble the production capacity and enter new markets,” points out Zuzana Ševcová.

“We picked Malý gazda to run an investment campaign on our platform because the company has a high-qualityproduct, it has already proven itself on the Slovak and Hungarian market and it responds to the growing trend ofhealthy nutrition”, explains Daniel Gašpar from the Crowdberry platform. “Malý gazda represents a typicalexample of a small family-run business that can exceed its limits with raised capital and kick-start significantgrowth by innovating and professionalizing internal processes. The added value thus lies not only in theimproved profitability, which Malý gazda significantly increased this year, but also in the organic growth of salesthat are expected from the original and newly launched products. That is the reason why it resonated among ourinvestors. They were impressed by the potential of the family business for replicating its success from Slovakiaon a world scale,” emphasizes Daniel Gašpar.


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