Read our reasoning for why Boataround is such a successful investment in an interview for Hospodárské noviny

Michal Nešpor, Partner at CB Investment Management, Crowdberry

What is your assessment of the investment? What, in your opinion, attracted to investors to it?
Like all young companies, Boataround has had a challenging yet, from today’s perspective, successful journey. At the beginning, investors were attracted to its experienced team of founders, who were involved in the scaling and growth of, and later by the results achieved in a short period of time, particularly in terms of the number of reservations, the offer of boats in the catalogue, and the number of partners/charters, destinations, and offices, as well as by the high rating of customer service and the share of repeat customers.

Where do you see Boataround’s greatest potential?
Boataround could soon rank amongst the top online boat reservation services in Europe and further scale up its existing international business.

What did the company gain from Crowdberry investments?In addition to capital for its development, the company also gained a large number of customers from the ranks of its investors, who as ambassadors share their experiences with boat rentals and promote Boataround amongst their acquaintances.

With respect to the current situation, how do you see the company’s future, and what are the biggest challenges that it will face?
Boataround is available for its customers in dozens of countries around the world, and despite restrictions on international travel, it is able to offer its customers boat rental opportunities at the local level within individual countries. Boataround must further strengthen this segment (which it is succeeding in doing) in order for it to be less susceptible to travel restrictions.

The article was written for an investment and business series of the economic daily paper Hospodárske noviny:


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