Reinforcements for expansion: Crowdberry targets small and medium-sized enterprises and strengthens its management.

The team of the biggest Slovak crowdinvesting platform Crowdberry is expanding with Daniel Gašpar’s appointment to the company’s Board of Directors. As a managing partner, he will be responsible for selecting, analysing, evaluating, and executing projects in the new investment segment – small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – and also responsible for the future strategy of Crowdberry. Thus, after a year of external cooperation, he is becoming a stable part of the company’s team. Crowdberry helps private investors invest into companies in return for equity and thereby facilitate opportunities to build profitable and growing enterprises.

“It isn’t only because we’ve been working with Daniel for a long time that I’m glad we’ve been able to bring him on board as a Crowdberry partner, he has excellent experience in financing investment into small and medium-sized companies. This segment completes the already well-working sector of start-ups, which in their next stage of growth move into SMEs. Thanks to our external cooperation so far, we already have several SME projects in the phase of closing the investment. Others we are introducing to investors now,” said Michal Nešpor, Crowdberry partner for the start-up sector.

Daniel Gašpar (36) has more than 11 years’ experience in the industry and investment financing of companies in the US, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. He has gained experience in risk and portfolio management, project management, and directing teams. After completing internships and projects at Kaufman Bros LP, BASF, and Daimler, he continued his career with NIBS bank as an analyst at the department of acquisition financing and private equity. Daniel helped establish the German branch of this significant Dutch investment bank by closing on over twenty transactions with a value of over 2.6 billion Euros. In 2011, he became the Vice-President of NIBC Bank for the investment banking sector. After more than ten years abroad, he returned to Slovakia in 2012 where he co-founded the consulting firm EWAMCo. Daniel studied strategy and international management at Komensky University in Bratislava and in Mannheim, Germany. He holds a postgraduate degree in financial management from the Management School in Belgium. 

“Crowdberry is an exciting project with the potential to create an alternative segment of local investing, and this facilitates investors taking part in the success of domestic companies looking for growth capital. Like Slovakia, we also see enormous potential in neighbouring Czech Republic, and not only on the side of the companies. The Czechs and Slovaks hold unused capital valuing tens of billions of euros, which in the current low-interest rate environment does not bring returns. Our goal is to set these resources into motion, as we see many successful and established companies looking for capital. This represents interesting investment opportunities with returns well above average,” added Gašpar.


Crowdinvesting is a modern and effective means of direct investment into dynamic companies. This is an innovative addition to traditional bank-based financing. Thanks to Crowdberry, small to medium-sized companies can raise capital for expansion and growth even under conditions where financing from banks has reached its limits in solving the problems of frequent under-capitalisation in family businesses. In contrast, this financing offers investors the opportunity to appreciate their investment in the local markets and become co-owners of innovative Czech and Slovak companies. Now, Crowdberry is offering a series of new investment opportunities, which together need around 9 million EUR. Other companies are going through the preparatory phase, which includes the thorough review of business plans, strategies, and financial outcomes.


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