Slovak company is changing waste management on a global scale

The Slovak company Sensoneo, successfully competing on the global markets with its smart waste management solution, is the first to launch its sensors on the first narrowband internet of things network – NB-IoT – launched nationwide in the US by T-Mobile. Company’s partnership with T-Mobile represents an entry into another massive market. Sensoneo sensors has been installed in 22 countries and this number is rising rapidly. For the further expansion, Sensoneo is now seeking its already second investment on the Crowdberry investment platform.

The Slovak company provides a smart solution that changes the way the waste is monitored and collected on a global scale. The solution combines areas such as smart cities, internet of things, big data and sustainability, which are becoming increasingly important topics in the business community.

The solution is based on the smart sensors monitoring the fill levels of waste containers and a powerful software that enables clients to optimize their waste collection processes such as the frequency of container collection, the dynamic adaptation of collection routes or capacity planning at individual container points. The solution enables municipalities to save over 30% of operational waste collection costs. In a city of size of Bratislava, these savings could represent up to 4 million euros annually.

Sensoneo introduced the prototype of its smart waste solution in 2014. “In 2017, we received an investment of one million euros from Credo Ventures, Y Soft Ventures and private investors from the Crowdberry platform. This enabled us to kick-start the global growth. Over the course of just a single year we were able to become one of the key players on the global market of smart waste management,” said M. Basila, founder and CEO of Sensoneo.

Today, Sensoneo sensors are installed in 22 countries on five different continents. Apart from the US, there is significant demand coming from the Europe and the Middle East, where the company cooperates with multiple partners including Huawei regional headquarters in Dubai. Sensoneo is preparing further installations in new locations in the US and is implementing smart waste projects for several global metropolises and institutions including Montreal in Canada, Sofia in Bulgaria, a world-renown university in the United Kingdom and most recently also Prague, Czechia.

The company is seeking additional resources,  not only financial, to support a steady growth and ongoing expansion. “In the first investment round we have attracted multiple investors that contributed not only with a financial capital, but also with their personal experience, production and operational know-how. In the second round that is currently underway, Sensoneo is seeking investors and co-owners from the area of smart cities. The goal is to expand company’s sales team and support marketing activities,” said Michal Nešpor, partner for startups at Crowdberry.


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