SeniorHouse - Quality retirement facility for seniors, retirees and pensioners

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134,75 %   

2 223 340 €

1 650 000 €



Seniorhouse is a unique and modern residential facility with professional care for elderly people who are dependent on 24/7 care and for Alzheimer patients in Bratislava. The end of the construction phase with the final inspection and opening is planned in fall 2018.

  • The largest and the most advanced specialized private facility in Bratislava with affordable prices available for public
  • 21,000 m2 property area and newly-reconstructed buildings in the natural environment of easily accessible location of Dúbravka
  • SeniorHouse is led by an experienced management team that gained experience in similar facilities
  • Affordable prices after deduction of state subsidies and retirement pensions
  • Finishing building phase and opening for clients planned in autumn 2018
  • Investment along with experienced investors with expected stable dividend yield that does not depend on situation on financial markets and geopolitical events
  • Crowdberry investors become owners of the facility, property and buildings and receive a priority right for placing their family member to facility
Required capital
1 650 000 €

Annual preferred dividend payout.

Number of investors
Interest shown
2 223 340 €
Minimal ticket
10 000 €

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About investment opportunity

Senior care is a scarce commodity in Slovakia - especially in Bratislava. Population aging together with long waiting periods (just in the city of Bratislava there are over 700 pensioners on the waiting list) promise further growth of the demand.

Location of SeniorHouse in a quiet surroundings of Dúbravka in Bratislava provides a rare combination of unique features - quiet area, good quality of air and excellent transportation accessibility.

  • Modern kitchen facilities providing meals for clients and staff
  • Additional health services contracted with insurance companies
  • Rehabilitation and therapeutic care for patients and clients
  • Modern equipped, high standard rooms
  • Barrier-free access
  • Library, prayer room, pleasant exterior and own amphitheater







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