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1 200 000 €

1 200 000 €

Sensoneo is a global provider of logistics and monitoring solutions for waste management. Smart IoT sensors and software apps help optimise waste collection cost, improve the environment, and boost people’s well-being.

Goals: digitalisation of waste management (smart-city solution) and significant cost savings of millions of Euros annually

  • Up to 30% reduction of waste collection costs – annual savings of millions of EUR for cities like Bratislava or Prague; dozens of millions in cost saving potential for cities like Montréal, Canada 
  • Thousands of sensors in 96 locations in 22 countries on 5 continents
  • Technology leader – the company developed its own hardware and software, the first and only ready-to-use solution compatible with the largest network of IoT devices in NB-IoT to date
  • 30 active trained and certified sales and implementation partners in 20 countries
  • Cooperation with global tech giants – T-mobile US headquartersHuawei UAE headquarters, Nokia, Microsoft
  • 300% annual sales increase with a 150 new prospects in the sales pipeline for the coming 12-24 months period
Required capital
1 200 000 €
Number of investors
1 200 000 €
Minimal ticket
10 000 €

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About investment opportunity


  • Supporting the successful ongoing international expansion – expanding the sales team for foreign markets
  • Expanding the technology team to establish an active presence in American markets (a requirement of US partners)
  • Customer support team expansion to ensure high-quality service for new partners and new installations
  • Expansion of the R&D team to maintain technology leadership position


Sensoneo brings revolutionary changes to the waste industry, which is, due to an ongoing urbanization, becoming one of the most important issues of the civilized world and No. 1 issue in every city.

Sensoneo is a a global provider of logistics and monitoring solutions for waste management that help cities and enterprises optimize their waste costs, improve the environment and boost people’s well-being. With its unique technology, Sensoneo is redefining the way waste is managed. The solution combines ultrasonic Smart Sensors that monitor waste, with a smart sophisticated software. The tool allows cities and companies to make strategic data-driven decisions and optimize the logistics of waste collection routes.

Sensoneo helps cities and enterprises:

  • Keep waste under control (real-time monitoring)
  • Optimize waste collection routes (with focus on costs, staff and fleet utilization)
  • Collect waste only when it is necessary, thereby minimizing extraneous costs associated with the collection of half-empty and empty containers
  • Save ca. 30% of annual waste collection costs. In an average-sized Slovak city with 100,000 citizens, that means ca. 700,000 EUR annually, in cities such as Bratislava and Prague it means millions of Euros; in the world’s biggest cities, dozens of millions of Euros)
  • Eliminate waste collection vehicles, potentially reducing emissions by up to 60% and alleviating city traffic

Sensoneo's smart waste management solution has attracted cities and business world-wide. Thousands of sensors have already been installed in 96 locations in 22 countries across 5 continents.

  • Waste management is one of the most important services that cities provide their citizens, and it requires great financial resources. For example, Bratislava’s budget for waste collection and liquidation is 25 million EUR annually, half of which is allocated for waste collection. Sensoneo can help Bratislava save 30% of collection costs, or 3.75 million EUR, each year.
  • All hardware and software were developed and manufactured in Slovakia, guaranteeing customers and partners sustainable quality and reliability in the long-term
  • Sensoneo’s focus on waste management is a big advantage for cooperation with strong international players in the waste management industry (waste brokers, waste collection companies) such as Veolia, Marius Pedersen, Hera, Natur-pack. It's also advantegous for systems integrators and IT companies who see big commercial potential in the smart waste industry
  • Sensoneo is a functional smart city solution with proven financial and environmental benefits for cities and has been presented at international exhibitions and conferences as the ideal smart city solution
  • Sensoneo utilizes all available Internet of Things networks (NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Sigfox) and is so far the first and only ready-to-use solution for the largest network of IoT devices in NB-IoT, making it a technology leader in the market
  • The advanced technology of Sensoneo sensors and readiness for new IoT networks were the stepping stones to cooperation with international partners such as T-mobile headquarters USA, Huawei headquarters in UAE, Nokia, Microsoft, Vodafone, Orange, and others
  • High demand for Sensoneo’s sulutions comes mostly from well developed markets (North America, Middle East, Northern Europe) – Sensoneo has been invited to competitions for realization of smart waste projects in cities such as Montreál, Prague, Cambridge, Uppsala, Rosenheim, Malta, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, and others.



  • Cities and towns, waste collection companies, waste brokers, public institutions (schools, universities, hospitals), industrial parks, facility management
  • Sensoneo helps manage the waste more efficiently also in Slovakia – 22 towns have already implemented the system and enjoyed its benefits, beginning in 2014



  • 30 active partners in 20 countries
  • Alascom (IT), Arrow (global), Keter (USA), Location Solutions (Middle East, EU), Netways (Middle East, North America), recycle smart (CAN), sib (USA), Slovanet (V4), Soitron (CEE, UK, Turkey), iwire (UAE)



Huawei UAE, LoRa Alliance, Microsoft, Nokia, Sigfox, Sygic, Vodafone, T-mobile USA





  • 2018 Central European Startup Awards, Best Social Impact and Best IoT - Finalist
  • 2018 Microsoft Award – Public Administration and Development of a Modern City – Winner
  • 2018 Vodafone Idea of the year Czech Republic & Slovak Republic – Finalist
  • 2017 Report Slovak Challengers (Neulogy, Sapie a EIT Digital) ranked Sensoneo among the Top 15 Slovak Scale-ups, alongside companies such as Exponea,, and Decent
  • 2017 Innovative Act by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic – Winner
  • 2017 Future Now Mission Award – Winner
  • 2016 Zlatý mravec Innovative Solution Award– Winner
  • 2016 Via Bona, Green firm category – Finalist
  • 2015 Slovak Startup Awards – Finalist (Waste:IT)



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