Sensoneo - Smart waste monitoring system



100 %   

1 000 000 €

1 000 000 €

Ultrasound sensor for continuous real-time monitoring of waste levels in containers, more effective planning of waste removal routes and cost saving.

Number of investors
1 000 000 €
Minimal ticket
10 000 €

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About investment opportunity

Sensoneo provides a modern and user-friendly solution that delivers a continuous monitoring of waste levels in containers via ultrasound sensors built into each container. The solution can be applied to any industry, as it is able to monitor content of any type, in containers of various kinds and sizes. The credibility and high quality of the company is backed by thousands of sold sensors and the interest demonstrated by many foreign clients and partners. Throughout its short existence, Sensoneo has sold or rented over 1 300 sensors, earning a revenue of EUR 70 000 during the first six months. Its unique and high quality technical solution has gained the attention of not only domestic, but international customers, business partners and producers operating in the waste management industry. Examples include many well-known international brands, such as SKANSKA and TESCO on the customer side, but also Asekol, ELKOPLAST, Meva, Molok and Zweva on the producer side, who intend to integrate Sensoneo into their products.

The company has been so far financed by the founder himself, with a capital of EUR 300 000. The current investment round is to be used for the expansion of the team to achieve higher flexibility in reacting to high demand from customers, to aid the transition to mass production, as a working capital and for expanding the company’s infrastructure.

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