Crowdberry Advisory Services

  • Consulting business development for start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses
  • Mentoring and consulting at the early stage, scaling and building companies’ market position
  • Business plan formulation, financial modelling and planning, products and services assessment, company valuation
  • Review and valuation of capital costs, analysis of capital structure and financing needs
  • M&A consulting, appraisal of the acquisition targets, acquisition structuring
  • Transaction management, distrainment, business and legal support (in cooperation with law firms)
  • Financial and strategic consulting on the corporate restructuring, optimisation and refinancing of companies

Business Advisory

  • Project monitoring – reporting
  • Post-transaction knowledge and network sharing
  • Identification of the smart capital and advisors
  • Marketing / PR support

Transaction Management

  • Preparation and supervision of the documentation
  • Transaction process management
  • Due diligence support

Investors Club

  • Supporting the investment opportunities
  • Network sharing for the support of investment projects
  • Access to quality and well prepared investment opportunities

Online Platform

  • Online investment process
  • Investment documentation
  • Latest information and news about investment opportunitites

Investment Café

  • Regular meetings and presentations of investment opportunities
  • Networking with other investors
  • Investment support – talks on various topics (CB team + external advisors)

Crowdberry Forum

  • Regular meetings and presentations
  • Networking
  • Mediation of know-how of mentors / coaches

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