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SPECTER HOCKEY is bringing a revolutionary new technology to the game of ice hockey. The company has developed a patented multi-layered material with a unique rough and water-resistant surface that is applied to the blade of hockey sticks, increasing shot accuracy, improving puck control and increasing robustness and longevity compared to standard hockey tape. The uniqueness of this material is validated by scientifically proven benefits for player performance as well as the endorsement of SPECTER HOCKEY by elite NHL players such as Zdeno Chára and Roman Josi.

  • Network – a member of the SPECTER HOCKEY team is professional player agent Peter Neveriš (agent to Marián Hossa, Tomáš Tatar) with extensive NHL experience, Zdeno Chára is an investor and brand ambassador
  • Over 14,000 pieces sold and 50 advertising partnerships realized since launch of sales in October 2018 (until now only in Slovakia and Czech Republic) and the innovative hockey tape was also played with at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, IIHF World Championship 2019 and 2019 Stanley Cup Finals
  • Unique shape and option of custom design – tape application only on the front and back sides of the blade enables better puck control, reduces friction between hockey stick and ice and enables print of custom design to meet the needs of clubs, sponsors and players
  • Market volume of ice hockey equipment approximately 1 billion USD p.a. – ca. 30 % of which are hockey sticks
  • SPECTER HOCKEY is bringing the first significant innovation in hockey tape in over 100 years (used by every hockey player)
  • Tested in collaboration with scientists of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and elite professional hockey players – 3% increase in shot speed, 6% increase in accuracy and 5% increase in energy
  • Winner: Most Promising Slovak Startup of 2018, US Connections Spring 2017, Slovak Business Agency grant and others
  • Patent application submitted – 2 years of development, over 100 material variations and 1,000+ hours of on-ice testing

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Required capital
900 000 €
Number of investors
822 080 €
Minimal ticket
5 000 €

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About investment opportunity

Investment objective

  • The primary objective is to establish a strategic partnership with the world's leading producers of ice hockey equipment
  • Expanding ambassador base: bring in additional NHL players as brand ambassadors
  • Marketing: focus on online and retail marketing, events such as expert ice hockey conferences including PHATS/SPHEM
  • Establishing contact with National Hockey League clubs

SPECTER HOCKEY was founded by Andrej Dula and Ondrej Chovanec in 2017. As hockey players and fans themselves, they recognized that the game of ice hockey has changed significantly over recent years. The game has become faster and stronger - to which hockey equipment was adapted accordingly. Almost all pieces of equipment have undergone innovation and change, apart from the tape used to treat hockey stick blades, whose qualities to this day remain virtually unchanged. The SPECTER HOCKEY team set out to disrupt hockey tape - they have developed a unique four-layer material, which as the only solution conclusively improves player performance and has the potential to become a new standard for hockey tape globally.

The rough layered surface of the SPECTER HOCKEY material enables improved control over the puck and more accurate as well as stronger shots. The tape, applied only to the faces of the blade, reduces friction when moving the stick across the ice, allowing for improved player technique. The team has also developed a waterproof surface coating that prevents soaking of water and significantly increases the tape's longevity. Application of the tape takes only up to one minute.

The technology was tested by world-class players including Zdeno Chára, Peter Ölvecký and Juraj Valach. Zdeno is involved in the company as an investor and brand ambassador and together with experienced NHL hockey agent Peter Neveriš, they are working to grow awareness of the product directly in the US and Canadian leagues. Over the course of two years of development, the company has tested over 100 material variations for more than 1,000 hours spent on the ice with professionals. A scientific experiment led by researchers of the Slovak Academy of Sciences led to conclusive and statistically significant evidence of the SPECTER HOCKEY technology increasing players' average shot speed by 3%, accuracy by 6% and shot energy transfer by 5%.

Since launching its product in October 2018, the company has sold over 14,000 pieces of its SPECTER HOCKEY tape. Customers included not only sports retailers, but also hockey clubs and more than 50 advertising partners attracted by the possibility of customized hockey tape design. Initial retail and partner success was achieved thus far only on the pilot markets of Slovakia and Czech Republic. Today, SPECTER HOCKEY is already available at more than 200 locations and used by players such as Zdeno Chára, Roman Josi, Jan Kovář, Tomáš Záborský or Milan Gulaš.

There are over 6 million active hockey players in the world and the hockey equipment market volume is estimated at approximately 1 billion USD annually. The top four ice hockey stick producers sell over 1 million hockey sticks annually - with whom SPECTER HOCKEY seeks to secure a partnership and scale its technology. The company has closed its first investment round with three angel investors in 2017.

Company achievements

  • Most Promising Slovak Startup of 2018 - 1st place
  • US Connections Spring 2017 - 1st place
  • Finalist at EY Young Slovak Entrepreneur award 2018 - Top 5
  • Finalist of Mass Challenge Boston 2019 - the first Slovak company in the final of the prestigious US accelerator with over 1,300 applicants globally
  • Winner of Slovak Business Agency grant of 4,000 EUR

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