Invest easily and co-own Slovak and Czech companies

EUR 2 000.

What is Crowdberry?

We are an investment marketplace bringing together innovative companies and private investors.


Crowdberry allows private investors to invest into companies in exchange for ownership interests, giving them an opportunity to valorise their capital by building growing companies.

What is crowd-investing?

Crowd-investing is a modern and effective means of investing into dynamic companies.

For the investors:

Interesting investments into sectors and companies investors are interested in.
Share in the company's success.

For the companies:

Capital to expand business.
Smart investors who will actively help the company.

4 steps how to invest comfortably on the Crowdberry platform

Choose an investment on the Crowdberry platform or event

Show your interest (on the platform or via SMS, e-mail or telephone) to get access to the complete investment documentation

Sign the term sheet and investment documentation

Acquire a share in the company

Crowdberry investment segments – investment not just into start-ups

Start-ups: New companies with a functional product prototype and proven business model. They are usually seeking capital for production or to expand capacity, and very often need an investor who will assist with know-how or contacts.

SMEs: Functional companies with a history. They are generally seeking capital for geographical or product expansion. They value experienced investors with business expertise and strategic insight.

Real estate: Investments into real estate projects such as industrial parks, residential or commercial real estate, which offer more conservative opportunities with long-term appreciation.


Daniel Gašpar

Managing Partner for SME

David Jelen

Partner for Real Estate and the Czech Republic

Michal Nešpor

Partner for Startups

Ján Mazúr

Legal Counsel

Lucka Lehejčková

Office Manager Praha

Alica Durcová

Office Manager Bratislava



Offices Bratislava

Crowdberry a.s.
Staromestská 3
811 03 Bratislava

+421 918 865 073
IČO: 48 236 993
Parking for guests is available on the UNIQ premises

Offices Prague

Crowdberry s.r.o.
Harrachovský Palác
Jindřišská 939/20
110 00 Praha

+420 775 777 021
IČO: 05784972


Thanks to our investors, we have successfully managed to finance these companies:

EcoCapsule - The company has acquired 11 international investors, who are helping it penetrate the global market and prepare for serial production.


Sensoneo - In July 2017 the company acquired an investment of EUR 1 million, which it used to transition to the serial production of sensors for automated waste removal. The capital also allowed the company to grow its team and expand abroad.

1 mil.

Boataround - Within a year from its foundation, the Boataround team has expanded to 20 members thanks to investments. The company offers the rental of 6,600 yachts at 212 locations in 35 countries around the world.

350 K

ixworx - Thanks to two investments, ixworx launched the live version of its unique software for the creation of commercial 3D presentations for mobile devices in 2017. One of the investors created and handed over the software company itself, and is now helping ixworx with development and the acquisition of new customers.


Creative Pro - The first medium-sized enterprise to obtain funding through Crowdberry used the investment to expand to foreign markets, which is a truly unique competitive advantage in the sphere of live marketing and event agencies.


You too can help Slovak and Czech companies grow!


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