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Accompanying online webinar on a new investment opportunity for biotech company Glycanostics.

Glycanostics' patented technology enables the diagnosis of up to 11 types of cancer. In a new investment round on the Crowdberry platform, the company will leverage a target capital of $10 million to develop an existing, painless and reliable diagnostic method by transferring this tested prototype into new indications.

The webinar will be led by Crowdberry partner Michal Nespor, who will present not only this unique investment opportunity from the world of biotechnology and its parameters, but also the company's results to date.

The program:

3:25 A short introduction about Crowdbery

9:52 Presentation of the company, the team and how the product works

25:15 Market potential and competition

32:46 Business model and results to date

42:04 How the technology behind the test works and what makes it different

44:40 Questions from investors

55:32 Investment parameters

01:06:38 Questions from investors


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