Crowdberry investors earned almost double on real-estate

Crowdberry investors have achieved extraordinary double-digit returns by investing in Slovak commercial real estate. Discover a new opportunity with Crowdberry.

EVENT REPORT: Great investment perspectives for Prague and beyond

Interesting topics, stimulating discussions and inquisitive guests: the Crowdberry investment evening in the unique Wenceslas Square building The Flow provided current and potential investors with prospects not limited to Prague, but also to exceptional investment opportunities they would not normally have access to.

Credit financing opens the door to a better Pohoda and protects the festival’s independence, says founder

Pohoda Festival shapes not only the world of music and art, but also now the world of business and investment, as it becomes one of the first Slovak companies to use a new form of financing by Crowdberry.

Crowdberry launches new investment campaign for Slovak company whose technology enables early cancer detection

Glycanostics, a Slovak biotechnology company has launched a new investment campaign on the Crowdberry platform as part of a $10 million investment round. Investor interest is proving to be considerable.  

Life sciences sector in Slovakia through the eyes of its leaders: Not enough talent, not enough investment

Today, it is innovation and technological progress that sets the pace of society's development. The success of the life sciences sector is crucial for the future of health care, the economy, quality of life and the entire direction of Slovakia. We have considerable room for growth in this area and a lot of untapped talent. However, the key to success might be connecting innovators with growth capital, agreed scientists, investors and representatives of successful Slovak startups and life sciences companies during the event Life Sciences & Slovakia: Emerging Sector for the Upcoming Decades, which was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Crowdberry.

Slovaks can become ‘bankers’ as Crowdberry launches debt financing for Pohoda festival with an attractive interest rate

An important milestone for both investors and Slovak companies. Credit (debt) financing complements years of investment in private growth capital. Debt financing will be the first to be used by the Pohoda festival.

Crowdberry launches new investment campaign as an ECSP-licensed platform since the summer

A new investment campaign already under the European licence of the National Bank of Slovakia, new processes and even greater security when investing under the supervision of the capital market: all this to further fulfil the parameters of a premium investment platform, which has been operating in Slovakia since 2015 and registered more than 1,500 new investors in 2023 alone.  

Slovak scientists join forces with private investors to bring personalized treatment to breast cancer patients

Breakthrough in breast cancer diagnostics made by Slovaks: founder has unique expertise, seeks investors

Good times to invest? They are here and now!

Be part of an investment opportunity that is unique in the market for its exclusivity and functionality. An investment opportunity combining segments that you would rarely access without a strong partner. Medical equipment, value-add real estate project and the underserved segment of long term care and senior housing.

Real estate fund CB Property Investors expands team with key asset and development manager

Experienced Asset and Property Manager Michal Navrátil joined the CB Property Investors team on 1 February 2023. He will be primarily responsible for the asset management of the fund, from the operational set-up of the properties, through feasibility assessments, to the implementation of the development plan.

Care home Dobré časy continues to grow: first clients and more room to invest

The Dobré časy care home opportunity launched on the platform last October. Now the investment opportunity, located in Ivančice near Brno, has reached another big milestone. As of December 16th, it has housed its first client. 

Three Crowdberry companies make 2022’s Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2022 ranking has been unveiled and, based on percentage revenue growth, three companies from the Crowdberry portfolio stood out amongst the nearly 400 companies. Congratulations to MultiplexDX, DNA ERA and, as well as their investors, who can be proud of the growth they have helped foster in these companies.

Take a look under the hood of NEXINEO software

The uniqueness of NEXINEO's solution lies in its ability to replace dozens of classroom computers with one central server. How does the entire system from this Slovak tech startup work? Join us for a detailed look at NEXINEO.

Noili continues to grow on back of investment from Crowdberry investors and new product line with model Daniela Peštová

Slovak natural skin care brand Noili continues to grow strongly. The investment campaign reached its target amount and supplemented capital raised from the CB Growth ONE investment fund by an additional €267,000 from 30 investors in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and abroad. The company will use the investment to co-fund the development of new products created in collaboration with top model Daniela Peštová.

Comparative advantages of altFINS and current market situation

The altFINS platform offers a complete investment and workflow experience with a focus on digital asset due diligence. It aims to enable investors to easily find and execute profitable trading operations on exchanges. It serves active – both individual and institutional – investors who want to make more informed decisions.

Ecocapsule® is preparing the mass production of a new product, be the first to know.

Ecocapsule – the producer of energy self-sufficient microdomes – has won praise and orders from customers around the world. But the Slovak company is not stopping with its first limited-edition products. It is on the threshold of a new phase, in which it wants to start mass production of a new kind of NextGen microdome and prepare for the arrival of a strategic partner. Thanks to our platform, you have the opportunity to be present at this important milestone, to contribute to Ecocapsule's growth and to capitalise on your capital.

Dobré časy, open house
Dobré časy care home presented to potential investors and general public

Investing in stocks or bitcoin is relatively abstract, whereas property that you invest in can actually be experienced physically. That's why we hosted an open house for potential Crowdberry investors and the public at Dobré časy on October 20. Together with the director and staff of this most up-to-date care home, we showed people how the facility looks and the services that will be provided there.

Czech Prime Minister attends opening of Dobré časy senior home

At the beginning of September, the opening ceremony for a new home for senior citizens located in Ivančice, near Brno, took place, with representatives of the local authorities and government in attendance, including Prime Minister Petr Fiala. The Dobré časy senior home offers 167 beds – of which 77 are reserved for clients requiring special care and the remainder to serve as long-term care beds – and has been built to help meet the rise in demand for space at modern care facilities for senior citizens.

We want to build a strong regional position – DNA ERA responds to questions from potential investors

Still wavering on whether to indicate your interest in the DNA ERA opportunity? We have information that could help with your decision. Read the DNA ERA and Crowdberry team's answers to actual questions from other investors. At the moment, our platform is less than 25% short of the target amount, so don't wait too long.

Real estate investments attractive for their stability and as a protection against inflation
Real Estate

Real estate is generally considered to be a stable and safe investment. An internal survey by Crowdberry shows it is a popular investment instrument, sought by more than 50% of its investors. Today, when a complex geopolitical situation is feeding double-digit inflation, the importance of real estate to investors has only grown. In addition, the market is expected to revalue due to these pressures, so for a number of investment opportunities this signifies the right moment before their value rises.

NEXINEO: Slovak tech company aims to change how schools teach

It may just be a small box that fits in the palm of your hand, but it represents a major leap forward for schools of varying disciplines and levels of education. NEXINEO has developed this hardware, together with special software and a central server, so schools can provide pupils with a state-of-the-art education while saving costs and cutting their environmental footprint. NEXI GO or NEXI PRO, as the device is called depending on its capacity, is already being used by over 450 schools in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. Now, NEXINEO is looking for investment to expand further with its ground-breaking solution for educational institutions in the 21st century.

Slovak organic cosmetics lovebrand Noili receives further investment for product development and expansion

The initial investment provided to Slovakia’s Noili by the CB Growth ONE fund to build a premium local cosmetics brand will now be complemented by funds raised in a campaign on Crowdberry’s investment platform. Currently, the first tranche of the investment has been secured out of the target amount of €267,000. The brand will use the capital to further expand and co-fund new product development, with the ultimate intention of Noili becoming an attractive acquisition target.

Home DNA sampling gives you the opportunity to take better care of your health

Whereas a few years ago DNA testing was an expensive affair only available to institutions and scientific institutions, today pretty much anyone can get their own DNA analysed. But it's not just a whim. You can get information about your predisposition to various health risks, information about metabolism, nutrition and sporting predispositions that can affect the quality and length of your life. The analysis takes place from a saliva sample taken in the comfort of your own home, which is then processed in a certified laboratory in the presence of professional staff. Testing is not limited by age and the earlier you recognise your predispositions, the better. Companies specialising in genetic testing are responding to this, including the Slovak DNA ERA. How do we compare to the West?

Refresher raises a nearly €2 million investment and plans to enter a new market

Refresher, the lifestyle portal for young people, is successfully realizing its growth ambitions. The year 2022 kicked off with record sales, which in the comparative quarter rose by 104% year-on-year. After the launch of the English version and the gradual consolidation of its position on the Czech market, it intends to expand to other countries within the V4 region. In order to realize this plan, it will use the private investors' capital raised in the investment campaign on Crowdberry, supplemented by the entry of a strategic investor from the media environment - the Hungarian Central Media Group.

The change of investor behaviour in 2022
2022 has changed investor behaviour: they are more interested in local investment opportunities

Instability in financial markets and the global economy, rising inflation and geopolitical developments are causing changes in investor behaviour. Support for popular Czech and Slovak companies and innovations has emerged as one of the main factors in their motivation to invest. This corresponds to recent developments on our investment platform. Especially in terms of the increase in the number of registrations and the total volume of investments in companies and real estate, which currently exceeds €40 million.

First investment tranche for DNA ERA signed. The campaign continues.

The Slovak biotechnology startup DNA ERA has built an established position in the field of genetic analysis and DNA testing within the Czech and Slovak market. The company plans to expand into new markets and innovate its portfolio of products and services, for which it plans to use the capital from Crowdberry investors. The first investment tranche, with a target amount of EUR 1 million, was signed at the beginning of June. The investment fund managed by CB Investment Management also participated.

Residential project Úvaly: Invest alongside strong partners

Investments in development projects tend to be the prerogative of large investment funds. At Crowdberry, we are trying to change that and, in an initial step, we are bringing private investors the chance to share in the returns from the development of a residential project in Prague-East. For this opportunity, we are being particularly careful to minimize the risks usually associated with such developments.

New investment opportunities on the platform

There isn’t much good news about these days, but as the old saying goes, in every crisis is opportunity. And if you just go by what the data from our platform is showing, this saying would be 100% true. Since the beginning of the year, Crowdberry has opened the largest number of investment opportunities in its history. The sum of the capital that these companies is seeking is greater than the volume of investments we facilitated in the whole of last year (€16 million). As investors, you have the unique opportunity to choose from a wide range of sectors, to overcome the pitfalls of inflation, and to create long-term value not only for your investments, but also for the Czech and Slovak economies.

New Slovak investment fund CB ESPRI Impact One to focus on activities with positive social impact

A joint venture between CB ESPRI and Slovak Investment Holding is set to launch the CB ESPRI Impact One Investment Fund, which will be the first Slovak investment fund with the goal of supporting the creation and development of NGOs and SMEs whose activities are of public benefit. CB ESPRI will act as the fund manager, while Slovak Investment Holding will provide the resources from the European Social Fund's Operational Programme Human Resources. The fund intends to invest up to €10.5 million in activities with a positive social impact outside of the Bratislava region by the end of 2023.

International DNA Day: an interview with geneticist Michaela Šišková

25 April is a significant milestone date in the understanding of the DNA molecule. On this day in 1953, scientists published a study describing DNA as a double helix. It was a very important discovery that led to the development of modern molecular biology, and International DNA Day is celebrated in its honour every year on 25 April. To mark the occasion, we spoke to geneticist Michaela Šišková, founder of the biotechnology company DNA ERA. In what aspects of life do we use DNA? And how can knowledge of our own DNA help us take better care of our health?

We have closed the first tranche of investment in the Apartments Lipno project

Czech and Slovak investors have invested CZK 46 million in the Apartments Lipno development project in the first tranche, which we are now successfully closing. This money will be used by the developer - Top Building Group - for the acquisition of the plot and works related to the preparation of the project. The total investment that the company plans to raise through our investment platform will amount to over CZK 90 million.

Slovak organic beauty cosmetics Noili plans to expand

At the beginning, Dr. Zuzana Gyárfášová started to produce its organic cosmetics only for her own use. Her oil-based products soon became very popular. In 2018, she introduced her first 5 facial oils to the world under the brand Noili. Thanks to the initial investment from CB Investment Management, the company managed to expand into the Czech market and broaden its product portfolio. One of Noili's loyal customers is top model Daniela Peštová, who was attracted by the brand's minimalism and decided to work closely with the brand. The brand is planning to grow further, which should be boosted by the investment raised in an investment campaign on the Crowdberry platform.

From our portfolio: 3 new funded investment opportunities; target sum for SmartHead hiked; Refresher signs first tranche

We are delighted to see companies raise capital through our investment platform to fulfil their potential and continue to grow. This includes a premium cycling apparel brand, a company that provides comprehensive logistics solutions for e-commerce, and a company that captures reality almost perfectly and translates it into unique digital experiences. But there are also companies that have the same ambition to change the world and are just one step away from closing their investment. Find out which ones below.

Velits brothers’ Isadore Apparel raises €2.1 million in another investment round

Isadore Apparel, founded by former professional cyclists Peter and Martin Velits, is a step closer to its goal of becoming a major global player after a second investment round closed in record time on the Crowdberry investment platform. Investors responded not only to the potential of the market in which the cycling apparel brand operates, but especially to the results achieved so far. Isadore ended 2021 with revenues of almost €4 million (up 36% year-on-year), increased the number of new registrations by a third, and won a prestigious Euro Effie Award for its advertising during the Tour de France.

Slovak companies Noili and DNA ERA seek capital for further growth

Following initial growth capital from a fund managed by CB Investment Management, two young Slovak companies, DNA ERA and Noili, now have the opportunity to raise additional investment from private investors on Crowdberry's platform. The total value of the new capital, which will enable these startups to continue expanding into new markets and broaden their product portfolios, will reach almost €1.3 million. 

Crowdberry in 2021

2021 was a year full of opportunities. Czechs and Slovaks showed that despite all the challenges, they still want to keep developing their businesses and the world around them. To see how, look at the numbers from our platform. Last year, private investors stumped up the most investment in our history for successful Czech and Slovak companies and real estate – over €16 million (CZK 400 million). In total, Crowdberry had €60 million of capital under management and 42 companies in its portfolio by the end of 2021. In addition, Crowdberry partner Peter Bečár oversaw the creation of a qualified investor fund focused on real estate. There was even a record increase in registrations on the Crowdberry platform and in our team members.

Three new colleagues join Crowdberry’s real estate team

On the back of the rising interest in investment opportunities in residential, logistics, industrial and retail real estate as well as senior housing, we have decided to expand the Crowdberry team with the addition of three experienced managers. In addition, we will continue to develop our portfolio of investment opportunities in 2022 and we have more transactions in the pipeline.

New EU Sustainability Directive will affect more than 50,000 companies; the platform will help with reporting

More than 50,000 companies in the EU will soon be required to report non-financial information on the sustainability of their business. So far, reporting requirements have affected only 11,600 organizations. But from 1 January 2023, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will affect all large companies, while small and medium-sized enterprises will be given three more years to implement it. The platform is designed to help companies of all sizes comply with this directive.’s creators are now using the Crowdberry platform to seek out new investment for further development. What kind of potential does this new tool have?

Dúbravská oáza: A facility for senior citizens that your parents deserve
Real Estate

Even a lot of the locals do not know about the quiet complex. At first glance, few would think that the buildings, which look more like a hotel, would be a home for senior citizens. Thanks in part to investors from the Crowdberry investment platform, however, this facility has been created with a modern concept that lets its residents grow old with dignity.

Company founders on crowdinvesting: Every investor can provide know-how as well as money

Crowdfunding is about more than capital – it also has the advantage that investors are people with specific knowledge who can offer the companies in which they invest more than just financial help. Company founders and investors summed up their experiences at the Crowdberry Forum during the panel discussion “Capital is more than just money”, which included executives from waste management company Sensoneo, boat rental and yacht charter booking platform Boataround, and Creative Pro, one of the largest digital and event agencies in Europe. 

Jan Rovný joins Crowdberry’s real estate team
Real Estate

In December 2021, we strengthened our real estate investment team with the addition of another experienced manager, Jan Rovný. Jan has eight years of experience in the area of corporate finance with a focus on consulting on the sale and purchase of companies, properties and project investments. At Crowdberry, he will be involved in transactions, fundraising and project financing in the property segment, focusing primarily on the company’s real estate fund, CB Property Investors.

Demand for recreational properties has risen dramatically over the past three years. How to exploit it?
Real Estate

The prices of recreational properties have risen significantly since 2018. The coronavirus pandemic has certainly played a role in this, though in some locations the predominant reason is the interest of residents of neighbouring countries. For example, Lipno Reservoir is historically a very popular area among Austrian citizens.

Portfolio news: SEC Technologies opens new R&D center

SEC Technologies, having gained the trust of the Venture to Future Fund (VFF) and our platform investors in February 2021, launched a new research and development center in early November. It was opened in Liptovský Mikuláš by the Minister of Defense of the Slovak Republic, Jaroslav Naď. The Slovak technology company will manufacture state-of-the-art Falcon 4G laser equipment to protect against chemical and biological threats.

Crowdberry investors help celebrate opening of KLM’s distribution facility for Slovak Parcel Service
Real Estate

Crowdberry investors joined developer KLM Real Estate, tenant Slovak Parcel Service, general contractor HSF System SK and financing bank Tatra banka to help celebrate the opening of the Trnava Logistics Center – one of the first industrial developments to involve smaller individual investors.

Crowdberry to hold its first Czech-Slovak forum on impact of growth capital on the value of companies on 23 November

Crowdberry is in the process of organizing its first Crowdberry Forum – a virtual conference under the theme, “Capital is more than just money”, to be held on 23 November. The influence of growth capital on the value of companies will be discussed by company founders, entrepreneurs and investors. The conference will be available for viewing online.

Crowdberry receives significant investment for further development and welcomes new European regulation

Crowdberry, which manages two growth capital funds in addition to its online investment platform, received an investment of nearly €1.5 million to develop and open the market further. The objective is to further expand the possibilities of financing for Czech and Slovak companies as well as real estate, while at the same time provide investors with a wide range of opportunities to increase their capital.

Glycanostics receives prestigious European Innovation Council grant

In September, 40 Crowdberry investors, alongside the CB Growth ONE investment fund, invested in Slovak biotechnological company Glycanostics, providing capital worth €1 million. Glycanostics will now receive an additional €2 million from the European Council, becoming only the third Slovak company, after MultiplexDX and Sensoneo, to have received such a European Innovation Council grant.

Refresher is extending from Slovakia into the wider world. Why you should invest in this media portal.
21/10/2021 was created as a graduation project of classmates Gábor Boros and Filip Vajda. Their project didn’t make much sense to people at the beginning, but today their media portal is read by more than 3 million people every month in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It provides young people with information on social issues and topics not normally covered by the mainstream press, and excels at putting difficult subjects into context. It also guides the creation of online content for creators and advertisers. Simply put, Refresher is the place where Generations Y and Z go for information. Now the company is looking for partners and financing for expansion – and you can be part of that as a co-owner.

Companies that are changing the world thanks to Crowdberry
SMEStart-upReal Estate

The main objective of investing has always been the appreciation of capital. Still, more and more people are focusing on philanthropy as well. What if you could combine these two ideas? What if you could invest in biotechnology companies, sustainable housing or a smart city product? This is exactly what Crowdberry enables its investors to do. Take a look at seven examples of companies that have used our investment platform to obtain financing and, as a result, are changing their field, their market and sometimes even the world.

Why retailers like retail parks – and so should you as an investor
Real Estate

The last two years have taught us many things, among them the popularity of retail parks. Why are they so popular with customers and, therefore, with retailers and investors? Let’s take a closer look.

Senior housing: A real estate segment attracting increasing attention from investors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

An alternative real estate segment, already well known in the West, is only now just emerging in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Dúbravská Oáza, a facility for senior citizens and patients with Alzheimer’s disease, represents the flagship of this new type of real estate investment. Crowdberry investors now have the opportunity to be among the first in this market and to help this particular property in its expansion plans, while also showing the way forward for society as a whole.

KLM to develop new logistics facility in Trnava with help from Crowdberry investors
Real Estate

Logistics developments like that for Slovak Parcel Service are opening up to individual investors. Trnava’s largest business zone is expanding to include a distribution hall for fast package processing. Slovak developer KLM real estate is building it for its client Slovak Parcel Service, the largest courier company in Slovakia. 

Isadore to open community centre for cyclists and first brick-and-mortar store in Bratislava

The Slovak brand Isadore is embarking on its next phase. The cycling apparel and accessories maker is opening the Isadore Community Hub on the renovated premises of the historical Pradiareň 1900 building in Bratislava.

Social responsibility as a path to easier recruitment and higher profits: Slovak firm SmartHead helps companies take advantage

Whereas a few decades ago the word “ecology” was a cause for laughter and people with disabilities were confined to special schools, today no one is surprised if you bring your own cup to a café and the coffee is made by a barista with Down’s syndrome. We have made great progress as a society, but we are not done yet. Social responsibility and sustainability have become increasingly important to more and more people, as well as a way for companies to maintain their competitiveness, recruit new talent and, primarily, to make the world a better place for us and future generations. The Slovak firm SmartHead is responding to the challenges and opportunities this creates for companies.

The NFT Phenomenon: Big Potential for Digital Art

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are the hottest new digital phenomenon. By the end of 2020, the market for NFTs, or unique digital objects, had risen 825% from 2018. The market is still young, though, and the world is just beginning to discover all the ways that NFTs – or nifties as they are known colloquially – can be used.

Artzenal digitises the physical world for movies, games, NFT and tourism; it’s now looking for support to grow globally
Start-upCB Investment Management

Slovakia’s Artzenal is recording reality with absolute precision and taking it into the digital world. It is making otherwise inaccessible experiences available to everyone, such as looking inside a locomotive, sitting in a racing car or seeing cultural monuments down to the finest detail. But this digitisation of physical objects is also increasingly being used in marketing, tourism and the entertainment industry.

Get to know our investment opportunities straight from the greens

Crowdberry has its own golf ambassador! Investment manager Branislav Hóz is ready to update everyone on the newest investment opportunities straight from the greens. Our investors can now seize the opportunity to combine business with pleasure, enjoy the game, and get to know an investment campaign from the inside out.

Fashion industry: Main trends and related investment potential

Whereas in the past, fashion trends were set by designers at their own shows, today the opposite is true – customers themselves determine what they expect from fashion. Fast fashion is increasingly becoming the target of criticism, as people expect sustainability, quality and a perfect shopping experience across channels. If they want to survive, and better yet prosper, both major and small fashion-industry players must respond accordingly. And those brands that have long played a role in shaping current trends or are quick to adopt them represent interesting investment potential.

5 companies from Crowberry’s portfolio presented to Ursula von der Leyen as the best Slovak startups

On June 21, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen visited Slovakia to give the EU’s stamp of approval for Slovakia’s recovery plan to Prime Minister Eduard Heger. As part of her trip, President von der Leyen also met with innovative Slovak startups focusing on green solutions and biomedicine.

Specialised online sneaker platform FlexDog is coming to Slovakia – with help from Footshop

Following the successful launch of the FlexDog service in the Czech Republic in March, the specialised sneaker platform is coming to Slovakia. This expansion is taking place also thanks to the €4 million investment, provided to Footshop by Crowdberry investors last year.

Slovakia’s Boataround gets €1.2 million investment from Crowdberry investors and CB Investment Management fund

Slovak company Boataround, among the world's leading online boat-rental reservation portals, received growth investment worth €1.2 million from investors on the Crowdberry investment platform and a fund managed by CB Investment Management. The investment will help Boataround move into new markets and paves the way for international Series A financing, as the company looks to become the global leader in its segment.

Freshlabels founders: We are looking for investors with good karma

Jakub Veselský and Jan Bouška are friends who have fashion in common. They pride themselves on selling authentic and, above all, sustainable clothing and accessories via their Freshlabels shop. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, they unfortunately had to make cuts and let some people go, but they say that in the end it resulted in the streamlining of their business. They are planning to expand to Western European countries – they started with Germany and want to conquer other markets thanks to funding they have received via the Crowdberry investment platform.

Coronavirus is having a positive impact on some real estate segments
Real Estate

Real estate is an ideal way to diversify one’s portfolio today. Capital invested in real estate brings not only interesting opportunities for appreciation, but also protection against inflation. How did industrial real estate, retail parks, residential development and construction of housing for seniors perform last year and why is capital distribution important? Find out in this next instalment of our Investing in Real Estate series.

Freshlabels: A fresh breeze from the Czech Republic seeks to stir the waters of the fashion industry in Western Europe

Fifteen years ago, in front of one of their houses, two young entrepreneurs decided to start importing into the Czech Republic brand-name clothing they thought was lacking here.

Freshlabels plans further expansion with investment from Crowdberry

After launching the German version of its e-shop last year, Freshlabels is planning to continue its incremental expansion into Western Europe. receives €1 million investment from Crowdberry

Slovak company, which is focused on solutions in the area of conversational technologies using artificial intelligence, received a significant investment in the volume of €1 million from Crowdberry investors and the Venture to Future Fund (VFF) investment fund.

SEC Technologies raises €3 million investment from Crowdberry and Venture to Future Fund

SEC Technologies, inventor of a laser-based technology that can detect, identify and quantify chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals over long distances, has successfully raised €3 million in funding from Crowdberry and Venture to Future Fund (VFF).

Footshop and Crowdberry continue their growth partnership

Footshop announced the acquisition of its competitor Queens at the beginning of 2021 – a deal made possible thanks in part to funding obtained from a Crowdberry investment campaign in 2020. Now, investors have another opportunity to invest in the athletic-footwear giant during its next growth phase.

Giving investors more choice in real estate
Real EstateHospodárske Noviny

Real estate should be a standard part of any investor’s portfolio, in which several segments with various levels of risk should be combined, says Peter Bečár, partner at Crowdberry.

Isadore continues to grow – thanks to its highly effective marketing campaigns

The Isadore campaign aired during the Tour de France and financed by Crowdberry investors helped lift the brand’s sales by 250%, tripling the number of its customers. Traffic in the brand’s e-shop nearly tripled as well. Moreover, the campaign was recognized for its creative concept and successful implementation. 

isklad: Clients can manage their e-shops
Hospodárske NovinySME

Thanks to its own unique software, this company has grown from an e-shop to a logistics center. Today, it provides its unrivalled services to nearly a hundred e-shops.

Read our reasoning for why isklad is such a lucrative investment opportunity in an interview for Hospodárské noviny
Hospodárske NovinySME

isklad provides investors with the opportunity to profit from the growth in the e-commerce market. isklad, as a provider of logistics infrastructure for a large number of e-shops, can profit from their collective growth as well as from the influx of new clients. These can be integrated efficiently thanks to isklad’s original and optimized software and its quality team. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, isklad can easily scale its product and thus serve thousands of small and large e-shops, thereby achieving a leading position in the Central European region.

The pandemic has pushed growth in some sectors
Real EstateSMEStart-upHospodárske Noviny

The biggest potential for growth can be seen in sectors that profit from the dynamic in e-commerce. In the realm of alternative investments, there is a focus on those that bring innovations or improve the quality of customer-service as well as suppliers.

Growth capital for business will aid innovation in crisis
Real EstateCB Investment Management

Due to the coronavirus crisis, some investors have reconsidered their investment plans and begun to focus on lower-risk investments.

Crowdberry celebrates its fifth anniversary
Real EstateStart-upSME

EUR 22 million for fourteen Czech and Slovak companies that have transformed their respective sectors and left a significant mark on society.

The Velits brothers aim to lead the peloton once again

Years ago, they exchanged bicycles for pumping the pedals of business

Slovak scientists led by MultiplexDX develop tests for COVID-19

Under the leadership of Dr. Pavol Čekan, the MultiplexDX team of scientists has developed a new diagnostic test for COVID-19. The tests have undergone validation at the biomedical centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and is awaiting certification. The initial units should be available to the public within three weeks. Thanks to support from Crowdberry investors, Slovakia is poised to become self-sufficient in testing for the coronavirus.

Crowdberry will manage a state's multi-million package to support start-ups

Bratislava, 4 October 2019- Investment fund The National Development Fund II, a. s., which is under the administration of Slovak Investment Holding, announced the winners of the tender for the administration and implementation of financial instrument for the support of startups in the amount of €23 million. €11.6 million will be managed by experts from investment platform Crowdberry.

Malý Gazda – the transformation of a family-run mini dairy company to a premium dairy manufacturer with international ambitions

The tradition of yoghurt production has deep roots in Central Europe. After all, Czechoslovakia held global leadership in fruit yoghurt production - during the First Republic, yoghurt was produced by Radlická mlékárna in Prague and as a result of its innovativeness and excellent taste, it was exported to 14 countries in Europe.

Meet Crowdinvesting – a new, innovative way to invest, co-own and build global leaders out of Slovakia

Crowdfunding has become increasingly popular over the past decade, yet it has been with us for centuries. The Statue of Liberty in New York and the Czech National Theatre are both examples where communities funded an idea or a project. The latest innovation in crowdfunding is crowdinvesting, which allows investors to invest in and own a share in a privately held company or real estate.

Why Slovakia’s largest private 24/7 care nursing home and Alzheimer’s centre is a unique investment
Real Estate

Community investing responds to an ageing population – Crowdberry enables the co-ownership of the largest private facility for seniors dependent on medical care and patients with Alzheimer’s disease in Bratislava. Thus, through crowd-investing, it is available for private investors, making it a unique investment opportunity in Central Europe as a whole

Boataround successfully closed its Crowdberry investment campaign
20/06/2018 has received funding from Crowdberry investors and Slovak Investment Holding to accelerate its international growth.