Dobré časy care home presented to potential investors and general public


Dobré časy, open house

Investing in stocks or bitcoin is relatively abstract, whereas property that you invest in can actually be experienced physically. That's why we hosted an open house for potential Crowdberry investors and the public at Dobré časy on October 20. Together with the director and staff of this most up-to-date care home, we showed people how the facility looks and the services that will be provided there.

There was a lot of interest in seeing how this new care home will operate. Several hundred people came to Ivančice to experience first-hand the Dobré časy care home. As part of the presentation, attendees learned about the facility, what the admission requirements are, as well as chat with local care workers. The home will provide space for clients with reduced self-sufficiency due to chronic mental illness, such as Alzheimer's disease. In fact, Dobré časy will be registered as a special needs home that will offer 77 beds in this area, with the remaining 167 classed as long-term care beds.

Take a look at the gallery below to see how the day passed.

Investment opportunity still active

Dobré časy will provide investors with the opportunity to capitalize on a segment where supply is not keeping up with the growing demand, while at the same time playing a part in solving a society-wide problem. The investment opportunity is still active, so you too can invest in a senior home and join our CB Property Investors fund and other investment partners. Read more about the project details and express your interest today.