EVENT REPORT: Great investment perspectives for Prague and beyond


EVENT REPORT: Great investment perspectives for Prague and beyond

Interesting topics, stimulating discussions and inquisitive guests: the Crowdberry investment evening in the unique Wenceslas Square building The Flow provided current and potential investors with prospects not limited to Prague, but also to exceptional investment opportunities they would not normally have access to.

Guests took the valuable opportunity to learn more about Crowdberry’s DNA and investment ecosystem, which is based on local, transparent and focused investing. Their active participation and engagement in discussions with Michal Nešpor, Daniel Gašpar, Petr Bečár and the rest of the Crowdberry investment team confirmed a wide interest in investing with us, but also to be part of a vision to support local businesses and make a positive impact on the business ecosystem.

What were the key topics that resonated?

Credit financing for SMEs

We discussed the strategic importance of credit (debt) financing for small and medium-sized enterprises during economically challenging times. We also provided an update on the very first credit investment opportunity planned for a Czech e-commerce love brand.

Open investment opportunities

We presented potential investments in companies like Pohoda Festival, Glycanostics and Unimus, as well as the new planned opportunities that we will soon launch on the Crowdberry investment platform.

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Investment opportunities

CB Property Investors: #1 real estate fund in the Czechia

In addition to the ongoing and planned investment opportunities on the Crowdberry platform, we also evaluated the results of our real estate fund CB Property Investors, which is successfully fulfilling its mission as a crisis-ready fund designed to achieve maximum potential from its real estate investments. This is confirmed by its position as the best performing real estate fund in the Czech Republic for the fifth straight quarter. We are also doing equally well when looking at the EUR class of the fund. This success is the result of strong team work and a strategy focused on real estate with added value.

CB Property Investors - real estate crisis-ready fund
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Successful exits

We have cultivated potential exits for our investors in a variety segments, perhaps most interestingly in the real estate sector, where the outlook is very positive. We are pleased to be able to bring investors not only interesting investment opportunities, but also positive results from their investment portfolios built on the Crowdberry platform.


Crowdberry teams up with Bezcyklenia

Together with Michal Guman from the Bezcyklenia business community, we presented our joint project that we are taking to the regions. The aim is to bring practical solutions for SMEs to support their further growth and development.

Do you want to be part of our Crowdberry events? Follow us for more information and feel free to join. We look forward to enjoying more inspiring meetings with you.


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