Isadore continues to grow – thanks to its highly effective marketing campaigns



Isadore continues to grow – thanks to its highly effective marketing campaigns

The Isadore campaign aired during the Tour de France and financed by Crowdberry investors helped lift the brand’s sales by 250%, tripling the number of its customers. Traffic in the brand’s e-shop nearly tripled as well. Moreover, the campaign was recognized for its creative concept and successful implementation.  

Despite the restrictions due to the pandemic, the Tour de France was one of the highlights of this year’s cycling season. Since most fans enjoyed this red-letter day of the cycling season from the comfort of their homes, the broadcasting of the event achieved remarkable reach. This aspect was vital for the Slovak company Isadore Apparel, which decided to invest in advertising slots with one of the most-watched sports channels, Eurosport. With the support of Crowdberry investors, the brand was once again able to demonstrate the strength of its marketing and create a campaign that drew the attention of viewers from all over Europe and beyond. The results of the ad campaign “Cycling Struggles” (with the slogan: “Road is the way of life”) speak for themselves: 

  • Growth of interest in the brand (share in Google search) in the key markets: in Germany 4x and in Austria 5x the amount of the yearly average. 

  • Immediate increase in e-shop sales compared with the previous year: growth in sales by 250%, new customer numbers increased by 342% and traffic on the website almost tripled (+277%). 

  • Viewers in the German market (primary target) followed the campaign closely – Isadore’s spot attracted about a third more viewers as the more expensive and massive campaign of its competition (19% vs. 14%). 

  • The campaign increased consumer motivation to purchase Isadore products – in a survey conducted in collaboration with Nielsen Admosphere, some 52% of participants said they would consider Isadore for future purchases, and brand awareness increased by 26%. 

The campaign was also noticed by Slovak and Czech marketing experts and singled out for its creative concept and implementation.  

-> The cycling spot by Isadore is a top campaign 

Isadore’s marketing has for a long time relied on well-designed strategies and data, derived from a deep knowledge of the customer and market trends. Its campaigns are based on real-life experiences, authenticity, an emphasis on sustainability, while also reacting to current events. Isadore tries to set its brand apart from the competition, which has a positive effect on brand recognition and business revenue. Its most recent campaign, which was produced in collaboration with the non-profit organization Post Bellum, is proof of that. With this campaign, Isadore is celebrating freedom. It centers around the incredible story of Zdenek F. Daneš, who escaped Communist rule with his wife Marie – on a bike! They both emigrated to the US, where Zdenek became a university professor and worked for a number of important institutions. Years later, he returned home and today lives near Prague. Now about 100 years old, he enjoys an active lifestyle and still cycles from time to time. For this campaign, Isadore changed its long-standing slogan “Road is the way of live” to “Freedom is the way of life” and designed a special clothing collection. The proceeds from sales will be donated to the NGO.