Companies that are changing the world thanks to Crowdberry

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Companies that are changing the world thanks to Crowdberry

The main objective of investing has always been the appreciation of capital. Still, more and more people are focusing on philanthropy as well. What if you could combine these two ideas? What if you could invest in biotechnology companies, sustainable housing or a smart city product? This is exactly what Crowdberry enables its investors to do. Take a look at seven examples of companies that have used our investment platform to obtain financing and, as a result, are changing their field, their market and sometimes even the world.

Ecocapsule – microhomes for camping and humanitarian workers

A mobile, self-sufficient house you can park anywhere. Whether you’re taking a trip to the mountains, going on an expedition to the North Pole or engaged in a humanitarian mission, all you need to operate it is nature. Introducing… the Ecocapsule! The team behind this invention approached Crowdberry in 2017 with a prototype. Small-scale production commenced with 95 investors providing startup capital worth €2.75 million (CZK70 million). To date, this Slovak startup has now sold 14 capsules and is leasing 10 more. One of them even stood in the middle of Times Square for a month. Now, you can rent one and enjoy a stay in the heart of the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level. The team recently introduced the innovative concept to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen during her visit to Slovakia. The Ecocapsule will also represent its native Slovakia in the National Pavilion at the 2021 EXPO in Dubai.

Sensoneo – IoT waste management solutions in 60 countries

The goal of Slovakia’s Sensoneo is a greener and cleaner world, and it’s achieving this with its waste management solutions. Its RFID chips, smart sensors for monitoring the fullness of bins, and Smart Waste Management systems are used by cities, factories, shopping centres and franchises in 60 countries around the world. In the US, Sensoneo was the first commercial design to use the NBIoT Internet of Things network.

Sensoneo now ranks among the most acknowledged and acclaimed waste management solutions, and it’s one of only two Slovak companies to have received a prestigious EIC grant from the European Innovation Council. Crowdberry investors, who together invested €2.2 million (CZK 56 million), helped make all this happen.

Boataround – sea wolves from Bohemia and Slovakia

Although both the Czech and Slovak Republics are landlocked countries, a company was established here to provide people all over the world with unforgettable boating holidays. It started with a passion for yachting by one of its founders and both founders’ experience with launching a global e-commerce startup. They signed their first contract with a business partner for 17 vessels in a Croatian resort. Today, Boataround’s customers are taken care of by nearly 50 people located around the world, the portal lists 24,000 ships in 70 countries, and the company is seeking global Series A funding. As the founders themselves acknowledge, Crowdberry has played a big part in this success.

Boataround received a total of €1.75 million (CZK 44.6 million) from Crowdberry investors with another €620,000 coming from an investment by the CB Growth ONE fund. Investors get to enjoy the growth of the company as well as the opportunity to take a holiday under the flag of a company that they have helped succeed.

Dúbravská oáza – the first home for seniors financed by private investors

Near the centre of Bratislava, amid the Dúbravská Hlavica hills, is a forest with fresh air and calm. Until recently, you would have also come across a crumbling complex of buildings that originally served as a Soviet-era pioneer camp, later a hotel, and then a recreational and educational centre. Then a few years ago the entire complex was renovated, and in 2019 a private facility for the elderly known as Dúbravská oáza (Dúbravská Oasis) was opened.

The facility boasts a capacity of 152 beds, including 67 for Alzheimer’s patients. Apart from its exceptional location, this facility stands out as the first home for the elderly in Europe whose construction was financed by private investors. The funds for the completion of the reconstruction, amounting to €2.2 million (CZK 56 million), were provided by Crowdberry investors who, in doing so, helped to solve the urgent problem in society of a lack of places in special care homes. Another investment round is currently underway – you can join as well.

GymBeam – disruption in the fitness nutrition market

This Košice-based e-shop develops, sells and distributes fitness nutritional supplements, specialized foods, and equipment for an active lifestyle. GymBeam operates in a market where large players or local shops have typically dominated. This company, however, placed its bets on the online market and digitalization. Currently, about 8,000 shipments leave every day from the Slovakia-based automated distribution centre to people looking for a healthy lifestyle and exercise. This automation, together with the construction of a development centre for its products, were what attracted the attention of Crowdberry investors, who provided GymBeam with €6 million (CZK 153 million, in co-investment with Slovak Investment Holding). Moreover, the company is on track to meet its goal of becoming number one in Central and Eastern Europe by 2024 and achieving turnover of €100 million.

MultiplexDX – raising the odds of surviving cancer

MultiplexDX is an innovative biotech company founded by an international team of renowned scientists with roots in the Slovak Republic. It focuses on the development of products aimed at improving cancer diagnoses, reducing the number of misdiagnoses, and significantly increasing the number of people who survive cancer. Investors provided €1.2 million (CZK 30 million) through Crowdberry. Once again, this showed the significance that investors place on the product being financed. Just imagine what it feels like to contribute to such important research and be part of improving the lives of so many people.

MultiplexDX was the first Slovak company to receive a prestigious EIC grant. In 2020, the company developed the key components for the first Slovak PCR IVD diagnostic kit for COVID-19. The scientific prowess of the team supports further growth of the company, which is now gaining ground in foreign markets. MultiplexDX has achieved an important position in the field of cancer diagnostics and in the development of PCR and LAMP tests for the novel coronavirus. At home, the company has significantly contributed to the popularization of science in Slovakia.

Isadore – from Púchov to the Tour de France

Isadore Apparel manufactures clothing for cyclists from high-quality natural and technical materials with an emphasis on functionality, style, an environmental approach and sustainability. Its production draws on the rich experience of the founders working with the world’s largest suppliers while still remaining faithful to its native Púchov. Cycling clothing from Slovakia is now shipped all over the world as the company’s marketing operates at a global level.

An advertisement by Isadore Apparelthat revealed the pitfalls of cycling in an amusing way entertained international spectators at the Tour de France in 2020, with the added benefit of pleasing the investors who place their trust in Isadore. In 2021, Isadore appeared at the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France. The company, which today boasts sales of €4.5 million and is among the top 10 in the segment of cycling clothing, is slowly conquering Western European markets. 

The wheels are certainly turning at home as well. In September 2021, Isadore opened its first brick-and-mortar store and community centre. Located in the historic Pradiareň 1900 building in Bratislava, cycling fans (and investors) can now gather there to watch races, consult on new routes, or meet other enthusiasts as well as the company’s founders, the Velits brothers.