Take a look under the hood of NEXINEO software


Take a look under the hood of NEXINEO software

The uniqueness of NEXINEO's solution lies in its ability to replace dozens of classroom computers with one central server. How does the entire system from this Slovak tech startup work? Join us for a detailed look at NEXINEO.

All you need is a monitor and a small display unit

Instead of entire computer hardware, all students need is a monitor and a so-called display unit that attaches to the monitor from behind. This eliminates the hassle of choosing and purchasing devices and, more importantly, the maintenance and replacement of parts, where the school has to take care of each computer separately. NEXINEO thus saves up to 90% of electrical waste in schools and up to 75% of operating costs, thanks to the long lifetime of the display units.

All imaging units are connected to the server. Teachers work in a special management console developed by NEXINEO, which enables more modern and efficient teaching methods. The teacher can see what the individual students are doing on their computers, can monitor their progress or, by agreement, connect to their desktop to help them.

See what NEXINEO looks like from the perspective of both teacher and pupil:

Lots of features for better learning

NEXINEO's solution gives teachers all the tools necessary for modern and effective teaching.

  • The internet filter allows you to block specific sites or the internet entirely, to have your students' undivided attention.
  • The ability to connect to a specific student's desktop simplifies classroom work.
  • A special section for tests speeds up the distribution of assignments and collection of results.

NEXINEO technology is used in more than 450 schools in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. However, the company does not plan to stop in the V4 region, but wants to break into western markets and bring the future of teaching to the world. Be part of it.