Residential project Úvaly: Invest alongside strong partners


Residential project Úvaly: Invest alongside strong partners

Investments in development projects tend to be the prerogative of large investment funds. At Crowdberry, we are trying to change that and, in an initial step, we are bringing private investors the chance to share in the returns from the development of a residential project in Prague-East. For this opportunity, we are being particularly careful to minimize the risks usually associated with such developments.

Crowdberry investors are entering the 4th stage of a successful project alongside strong partners – CB Property Investors Qualified Investor Fund and Arcona Capital Real Estate Fund, and only after the following conditions have been met:

  • after the issuance of a final building permit,
  • upon receipt of an acceptable offer from the construction company,
  • upon receipt of an offer from the financing bank,
  • and confirmation of the pre-sale prices.

In addition, Crowdberry investors will also have the opportunity to purchase an apartment in the project at a lower price.

The Úvaly residential project follows on from three successfully completed and sold-out phases developed by Arcona Capital. The company also acts as project manager in the project. A total of 47 residential units in 4 buildings will be built in a quiet location near Prague. The aim is to offer future residents superior housing with an emphasis on energy efficiency.

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