Read our reasoning for why isklad is such a lucrative investment opportunity in an interview for Hospodárské noviny

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Read our reasoning for why isklad is such a lucrative investment opportunity in an interview for Hospodárské noviny

Michal Ondrišek, managing partner of Crowdberry

Why is isklad an exciting investment opportunity?
It provides investors with the opportunity to profit from the growth in the e-commerce market. isklad, as a provider of logistics infrastructure for a large number of e-shops, can profit from their collective growth as well as from the influx of new clients. These can be integrated efficiently thanks to isklad’s original and optimized software and its quality team. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, isklad can easily scale its product and thus serve thousands of small and large e-shops, thereby achieving a leading position in the Central European region.

What are isklad’s perks – and what sets the company apart from the competition?
Without doubt, it’s the user-friendly navigation of each setting and each detail as well as the variety of options that accommodates all kinds of e-commerce-clients. What sets it apart from the competition is its highly efficient software. In addition, you will find the speed of its logistics process and the fair pricing impressive. Our clients have told us that the functionality of the isklad software exceeds that of the leading global player from the US. This is proven by the fact that over half of the business of isklad comes from e-shops outside of Slovakia.

Where do you see the biggest potential of isklad and what are the biggest challenges the company is currently facing?
Its big competitive edge is the company’s ability to welcome and integrate smaller clients into its fulfillment infrastructure within a very short time frame – between ten minutes to an hour (and a few hours for bigger clients). With traditional providers of fulfillment services, this process can take several weeks, which is why they are prone to focus on bigger e-commerce companies. Even without a big marketing campaign, established e-shops from Central Europe are already expressing their interest in isklad. The challenge will be to manage its growth and strengthen its infrastructure, as well as to not lose efficiency when it comes to modern automated hardware. If it manages to do that, the next step will be to find a European location for the second logistics center.

The article was written for an investment and business series of the economic daily paper Hospodárske noviny.