Demand for recreational properties has risen dramatically over the past three years. How to exploit it?

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Demand for recreational properties has risen dramatically over the past three years. How to exploit it?

The prices of recreational properties have risen significantly since 2018. The coronavirus pandemic has certainly played a role in this, though in some locations the predominant reason is the interest of residents of neighbouring countries. For example, Lipno Reservoir is historically a very popular area among Austrian citizens. In addition to visiting Lipno as tourists, visitors are also looking for properties where they can spend their holidays. The developer of the Apartments Lipno project wants to respond to demand from both the domestic and foreign clientele.

Apartments Lipno: Construction of apartments right by the reservoir

In December 2021, we launched the new Apartments Lipno investment opportunity on the website at Everyone who is thinking about increasing the value of their capital by investing in real estate now has the opportunity to take part in the acquisition of land and construction of apartments in the immediate vicinity of Lipno Reservoir. Crowdberry’s real estate team chose this project due to its superior investor protection, interesting returns and very attractive location.

The Apartments Lipno project is targeted primarily at both domestic and Austrian clients who want to enjoy their holidays in privacy, while also being within easy reach of Czech and Austrian nature parks and ski centres. The location in the northern part of the largest Czech pool of water allows the future owners to enjoy their stay far from the busy centre, yet right by the water and a few steps from the Šumava national park. A cycling path and a cross-country ski trail can also be found in the nearby vicinity.

Superior investor protection

Apartments Lipno offers a unique opportunity to enter a development project in an early phase, thus enabling you to aim for the higher returns otherwise commonly reserved for professional developers. In addition, Crowdberry investors receive superior protection for their investment – e.g. a pledge of land and priority redemption of the investment. And thanks to our platform, you have the opportunity to take part in the creation of this housing complex.

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