New investment opportunities launched and first credit campaign closed


New investment opportunities launched and first credit campaign closed

Before the summer got underway, we launched two new investment campaigns on the Crowdberry platform in the real estate and construction sectors, and successfully closed our first credit investment campaign for the Pohoda music festival.

Invest in real estate and design-build

After successful rounds of investing in logistics halls from developer KLM real estate, we are once again bringing investors the opportunity to co-own commercial real estate. We are renewing an active partnership with a company that has not only successfully brought many commercial projects to market and into operation but also managed to sell them on, providing investors with interesting returns on their investment. After two years, we are bringing investors not only a return on their previous investment, but also a new opportunity to co-own a retail park in an area where this feature has long been lacking.

Why invest in a retail park in Nitra?

• guaranteed exit

• pre-agreed bank financing

• location of the shopping park on a traffic artery

• proven developer with a track record and successful exits by a real estate fund

• guaranteed lease agreements

• TESCO anchor tenant for more than 50% of the space with a 20-year lease

• minimum yield of 11% on sale

• expected yield of approx. 12% per annum

• Successful divestment of two properties with participation of Crowdberry investors

• investment horizon 2-3 years

Invest via Crowdberry in real estate with a return of up to 12% per annum.
Co-own a retail park

Discover construction investing alongside real estate

The patented production of lightweight concrete mixed with plastic is scoring points in the Americas and also has big market potential in Asia and Western Europe. By taking just 1% of the concrete market, Terratico has the opportunity to generate annual sales of €150 million. It is therefore actively pursuing not only its ambitious expansion plans, but also – and most importantly – the start-up of large-scale production, which will ensure it can meet orders that it can no longer keep up with using today’s small-scale production.

Production is based on a patented technology that allows up to 45% of plastic to be incorporated into the concrete mix. This gives Terratica products unique properties such as higher strength, 30% less weight and resistance to cracking.


Why invest in Terratico?

• local production ensured by our own patented technology

• unique material properties compared to conventional concrete and terrazzo

• no competition in the use of plastics in the final mix

• versatile team with experience in construction and finance

• sustainability embedded in the business model

• growing market for precast concrete and terrazzo (5.2% CAGR 2023-2030),

• expansion strategy focused on the markets of Western Europe, US and Asia.

Co-own a manufacturing company with its own patent and a required return of 30+% per annum.
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Use the insights of Czech Lovebrand on Generation Z to your advantage when investing

Generation Z has its own specificities and is currently the largest demographic group in the world. It has its own specificities and these are also known to the e-commerce platform Flexdog, through which this generation buys streetwear.

We introduced you to the opportunity to invest in a top 3 European streetwear price comparison and search engine for Gen Z a few months ago – and a lot has happened at FLEXDOG since then.  FLEXDOG has expanded into 4 new countries and now offers a wide selection of streetwear fashion to millions of visitors via 12 localised domains. Organic (unpaid) traffic is growing rapidly, +217% Y-o-Y in Q1 of this year.

Well-known investors and funds, such as Credo Ventures, Kaya VC and Czech entrepreneur Tomáš Čupr, have also seen the great potential and shown trust in the company. Their equity participation in the internal operational financing of €750k (in January '24) allows the platform to achieve "break-even". The capital from the investment campaign will be used to launch the mobile app and accelerate growth abroad.

Co-own a unique e-commerce platform and Gen Z lovebrand.
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Glycanostics in the crosshairs of investors and media alike

Crowdberry investors co-own several healthcare companies, which bring not only innovation to the investment portfolio, but also the opportunity to achieve interesting returns thanks to their global potential. One such company is the biotech company Glycanostics, which is currently attracting media attention thanks to its sterling results and ambitious plans, which they are continuously succeeding in fulfilling.

Local biotech investment in patented diagnostics. Co-own Glycanostics.
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10 areas in which Glycanostics is successfully progressing and why co-own this company.

Interesting is the area of the company's expansion into the German market, the completion of the pharmacoeconomic study, or the gradual steps to ensure the transfer of mass production and the acquisition of the CE mark.

A Slovak IT company known across the world – yet Slovaks don't really know much about it

If you could go back in time and someone gave you the opportunity to invest in an IT company like Cisco Systems, would you do it? If your answer is yes, then you should turn your attention to the investment opportunity Unimus by Netcore.

Netcore develops a SaaS product – software focused on network automation, where only a narrow group of IT firms globally cover this IT area, including the global giant Cisco.

Secured investment - finance Unimus with other investors with an annual return of 9.5%.
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What is so interesting about this company from Košice? Certainly, the clients – its software is used by companies in the US, Australia and Europe, including, for example, a space agency, a telecom company, a global fast-food chain and a huge luxury fashion conglomerate owned by the world’s richest man. In addition, the business model ensures the company receives recurring and regular revenue from customers with retention rates as high as 97%.

Co-finance this intelligent IT network management software with customers around the world and earn a 9.5% annual interest rate paid semi-annually, with 35% of the principal earned back annually over the three-year life of the loan. Plus, the crowdinvestment loan is secured by accounts receivable and real estate.

Closing of the first credit campaign

The first investment opportunity in the form of credit (debt) financing for Pohoda music festival was a great success. Dozens of investors provided the Pohoda Festival with a total of €500k.

The investors were convinced not only by the brand itself, which is known by millions of people, but also by the trust shown by its customers who snapped up limited edition lifetime tickets in record numbers, and also by the trust of large sponsors from among renowned Slovak companies from the banking, telecom and retail sectors.  

Investors were also attracted by the investment opportunity itself in the form of a secured investment with a semi-annual interest yield of 9.7% and a principal maturity of up to 3 years.

Did you miss out on investing in Wellbeing? Never mind! Become a "banker" and co-fund intelligent IT network management software with a global clientele.
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