New investment opportunities on the platform


New investment opportunities on the platform

There isn’t much good news about these days, but as the old saying goes, in every crisis is opportunity. And if you just go by what the data from our platform is showing, this saying would be 100% true. Since the beginning of the year, Crowdberry has opened the largest number of investment opportunities in its history. The sum of the capital that these companies is seeking is greater than the volume of investments we facilitated in the whole of last year (€16 million). As investors, you have the unique opportunity to choose from a wide range of sectors, to overcome the pitfalls of inflation, and to create long-term value not only for your investments, but also for the Czech and Slovak economies.

Today, most investors are figuring out how to protect their money from inflation while supporting the domestic economy. Thanks to Crowdberry, you can now choose from the largest number of investment opportunities we've ever launched at one time. The founders of companies on the platform already have a successful business story behind them and now you can work with them to take their brands to the next level, whether it's expansion, scaling or changing ownership structures. E-commerce, real estate, education and digital assets are all waiting for you. For some companies, this may be the last time you can enter them before they go for Series-A financing.

So, which projects are now looking for partners for their growth?

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GymBeam: Central European champion heads to Western Europe

Sports nutrition, clothing and accessories are already shipping from Košice to 14 countries. But GymBeam is definitely not stopping there; on the contrary, it seems that everything it has done until now was just the warm-up. The company closed 2021 with 52% revenue growth and continues to exceed its plans despite the current difficult operating environment. It is currently offering an investment opportunity through Crowdberry in the form of a share buyout from a co-investor. It also looks like this may be the last opportunity to be a direct co-owner of this Slovakian company. The time will probably come soon when it will race in the top competitions and go for a Series-A investment.

Residential project Úvaly: New stage of construction and investment

Arcona Capital, an experienced real estate project manager, has already completed three phases of the Úvaly residential project. Now you can be part of the fourth one and share in the proceeds of construction. Thanks to the situation on Prague’s housing market, the development of new apartments is a very attractive opportunity for capital appreciation over the long term and at the same time participate in the improvement of the market situation.

altFINS: Bloomberg for digital assets

The founder of altFINS has more than 14 years of experience working in the Mecca of stock trading – Wall Street. Combining this with a great product, he has created a new company that is making Slovakia a global player in the screening, analyzing and trading of digital assets. The altFINS platform is already used by tens of thousands of active investors and cryptocurrency traders. Will you join the ones with their finger on the pulse of the times and seize the opportunities that the crypto market offers?

NEXINEO: Better digital education

Let's be frank. The digitalisation of education suffers from big gaps in our region. And NEXINEO is addressing them with their classroom and digital learning solutions, which make teachers' jobs easier and help bring quality devices, technologies and approaches to students. And on top of that, it contributes to reducing waste and CO2 emissions. The product that NEXINEO brings has a broader range of applications beyond schools – it can be used effectively by organisations in other sectors too.

Discover more active investment opportunities on the Crowdberry platform and co-own Czech and Slovak companies and real estate, including biotechnology company DNA ERA and the Slovak brand of premium skin cosmetics Noili.