Portfolio news: SEC Technologies opens new R&D center



Portfolio news: SEC Technologies opens new R&D center

SEC Technologies, having gained the trust of the Venture to Future Fund (VFF) and our platform investors in February 2021, launched a new research and development center in early November. It was opened in Liptovský Mikuláš by the Minister of Defense of the Slovak Republic, Jaroslav Naď. The Slovak technology company will manufacture state-of-the-art Falcon 4G laser equipment to protect against chemical and biological threats.

SEC Technologies is committed to developing its unique detection technology in the Liptov region of Slovakia. In recent years, this technology has successfully undergone tests and inspections in the US, several EU countries, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The new laboratory will create 25 new jobs with high added value, while additional job opportunities will arise in the company’s regional supply chain.

More patents, more talents

The company works closely with local firms involved in the production of Falcon 4G equipment. SEC Technologies has developed a special device for detecting gases up to 6 kilometers away. The fourth-generation of the device is now available, which can use a laser to detect toxic gases, industrial chemicals and biologically harmful substances. In comparison to foreign competitors, it enjoys up to 100 times greater sensitivity.

This innovative company is attracting investors and customers from the state and commercial spheres, as well as Slovak professionals who have spent time abroad gaining experience in highly specialized areas and are now returning home. 

“This year we have already managed to bring in more talented people from important scientific and technological positions abroad, and we are actively looking for more,” said Michal Šimko, CEO of SEC Technologies. “Our goal, in addition to expanding the civilian market, is to increase the number of patents that we produce every year.”

Find more about SEC technologies and their detectors at https://www.sec-technologies.com/.