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The Slovak company has built one of the largest online booking platforms for boat rentals of all categories. It is currently on its way to becoming the world's “” in its market niche for boat hire. This year, it has already exceeded 6,000 bookings and served customers in 96 countries around the world. is growing by 100-150% every year and, as of September 2021, had surpassed its own ambitious business plan by more than 30%.

In 2017, Crowdberry helped the company raise growth capital in three investment rounds, with the Crowdberry CB Growth ONE investment fund also joining in. Thanks to Crowdberry investors, Boataround has become a global company with a leading position in its sector and has created significant value for its shareholders.

Boataround’s ambition is to become the world’s number one. The company is currently preparing for a Series-A investment (a major international investment round).

About this investment opportunity

The established brand has already racked up a number of successes during the company’s development:

  • Expansion from one original destination to all continents (more than 1,300 popular destinations in 70 countries);
  • The largest supply of vessels on the market in its own database (more than 27,000 vessels);
  • Exponential sales growth (in 2020, sales doubled year-on-year to €1 million; by September 2021, they had already exceeded €2 million;
  • Highest customer rating from the competition (4.8/5 TrustPilot with almost 1,500 ratings).

About the company is an international technology company with an online booking system for renting sailboats, motorboats and catamarans. It is one of the few companies on the market to have its own catalogue of vessels with directly contracted relationships with the boatowners and charter companies. Boataround has direct control over the content of its database (verified by charters); the prices are transparent, there are no hidden fees, and the prices are prepared in real time together with the availability indication (the customer does not have to wait for feedback in terms of final price and whether the vessel will be available).

Boataround is led by a unique team of founders – former employees who have worked across Asia as well as Central and Eastern Europe, and who have many years of experience with online booking business models. The team consists of 52 top talents from 13 countries in these areas of work – IT, product management, marketing, and support teams for charter partners and customers.

During the summer months, the online portal is visited by 800,000 visitors each month. The value of reservations made as of September 2021 reached almost €18 million and increased by almost 150% year-on-year.

Boataround’s global ambition is to become the world’s number one online booking for boating holidays.

The uniqueness of Boataround in a nutshell

  • The largest company-owned database of vessels on the market (more than 27,000 vessels);
  • The company’s full control over the contents of the database allows Boataround to work exclusively with certified charter companies and owners, and to offer first-class boats of all sizes and suitable for every budget (i.e. from economy to first-class);
  • Dynamic pricing guarantees Boataround clients significant savings over the competition (supplemented by last-minute and early-bird offers);
  • The booking process can be completed in 26 global languages;
  • The cost base is located in Slovakia, and customers come from countries with high disposable income;
  • Pro-customer approach and best-in-class ratings (TrustPilot 4.8/5).

Investment goals

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Target amount
15 - 25 % p.a.
Required return

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