The fastest-growing retailer of lifestyle shoes and streetwear in Central and Eastern Europe



Following the successful acquisition of Queens, Crowdberry continues its original investment campaign, which was suspended at the founder’s request despite the significant demand from investors. Investors still have the opportunity to become co-owners of this exceptional company in the growth phase and European expansion.

Footshop's unique position in Central Europe, with significant double-digit growth and no direct regional competition in CEE, brings extraordinary potential for return on investment within 2-3 years.

The fastest-growing retailer of lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories in the CEE region has a unique retail concept that goes beyond the traditional online and brick-and-mortar shopping model. Footshop has become a love brand and integral part of sneaker subculture in Central and Eastern Europe, a cult brand on the cutting edge of new trends. Thanks to its active local representation and community support, the retailer has not only built exclusive relationships with its suppliers, but a fan base of over one million followers on social networks in 17 countries. In the course of 2017 – 2019, the company has almost doubled its turnover to CZK 760 million in 2019, and despite the closure of brick-and-mortar stores caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Footshop recorded revenues of CZK 850 million in 2020 (12% annual growth)

  • The widest product range on the market – 4,000+ models of sneakers and many other models of apparel and accessories
  • Close cooperation with Nike NBHD, Adidas Consortium and Vans Vault - privileged exclusivity for limited-edition models not commonly available to regular online stores
  • Own sneakers limited edition in collaboration with Adidas
  • 30% increase in annual revenues (CAGR) in the last 3 years, and a turnover of CZK 850 million in 2020
  • Strong market presence within the CEE region – brick-and-mortar shops in Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Bucharest
  • Successful new markets entry even in the turbulent times – Netherland and Greece
  • Significant improvement in profitability per order
  • Consolidation of the Czech market – Footshop has acquired its Czech competitor - Queens
  • Experienced team – 40 marketing professionals and 30 IT experts, localization in 17 languages
  • Growth potential of the global fashion e-commerce industry to USD 700 billion by 2022 (approx. 10% CAGR from 2018), in Europe particularly to USD 133 billion – 9,7% CAGR with rapid growth in the lifestyle segment

Investment objective

  • Expand into new markets 
  • Extend the loyalty program and personalize the web content
  • Open new flagship stores in Europe to increase visibility
  • Launch a digital link to sell from large brand stores
  • Launch new digital projects managed by Footshop and expand the business model
  • Increase the product range and stock

The fastest-growing retailer of lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories in the CEE region has a unique retail concept that goes beyond the traditional online and street shopping model. Originally operating only as an online store, it has expanded into 5 brick-and-mortar shops in Prague (2 locations), Bratislava, Budapest and Bucharest. Its product range includes more than 4,000 models of sneakers and many other styles of clothing and accessories. Working closely with the iconic brands such as Nike NBHD, Adidas Consortium and Vans Vault, Footshop is, in many cases, the only retailer in the region to offer customers exclusive models from sought-after limited editions. With a turnover of CZK 850 million in 2020, Footshop defines the sneaker subculture on the streets as well as online. Its strong connection with the local community and personalized approach is the basis of its successful and distinctly expansive business model.  

More than just an online shop – a trendsetting love brand

Footshop was founded by Peter Hajduček and Marcel Vargaeštók in 2011 as an e-shop specializing in skateboard shoes. In an effort to further develop the brand, the founders carefully followed trends abroad and gradually expanded their focus to lifestyle sneakers, which helped the brand establish itself on the Czech and, subsequently, Slovak markets. Footshop has now become the brand of choice for trendy sneakers fans. 

Footshop's online sales have continued to grow and the founders – even with competitive pressure from larger brands – have determined a need to approach customers in areas where they would be able to offer exclusive models from their limited editions. This gave rise to a unique retail concept, which is based on connecting the online world with the offline local community, also known as the sneaker subculture. The first brick-and-mortar store in Prague was soon followed by others and the company started to grow outside the Czech Republic. Their stylish spaces have become popular venues for meetings and the promotion of the subculture among customers in Bratislava, Budapest and, most recently, in Bucharest. 

Footshop is more than just a footwear retailer – it has become the epicenter of streetwear culture, responding flexibly to the demands of the younger generation, creating a strong community, organizing events – but mainly connecting hundreds of local influencers and their Gen Y and Z fans through social networking, thereby gaining a loyal customer base.  

Product exclusivity as a competitive advantage

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Customer at the heart of the action

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Market potential

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Investing in further growth

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