Isadore Apparel 

for cyclists by cyclists - premium cycling apparel by the Velits brothers


Isadore Apparel 


The founders of the company, the Velits brothers, spent more than 10 years in the field of professional cycling and in 2013 decided to bring cycling clothing for cyclists to the market. Isadore Apparel offers premium products made from high quality natural and technical materials with an emphasis on functionality, style, ecological approach and sustainability. In its production it uses the rich experience of the founders from the world's largest races and its offer responds to the needs of cyclists, allowing them to fully enjoy the feeling of freedom and pleasure from ride. Over the past 6 years, the company has been able to build a strong online platform and, in combination with a presence on 5 continents, reach thousands of customers with high retention rates. In 2018, it reached sales of EUR 1.9 million, 40% of which in German-speaking countries.

  • For cyclists by cyclists – based on more than 10 years of professional cycling experience.
  • Local production in Púchov (Makyta) together with other Slovak and Czech producers allows for high flexibility, sustainability and ecology.
  • Turnover increase to almost EUR 2 million in 6 years since the company was established.
  • Own global e-shop and direct sale – almost 70% of turnover in 2018.
  • Loyal customers – 40% customer retention generating more than 40% of revenue.
  • International operations – the largest markets are Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Czechia, United Kingdom.


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