Slovak lifestyle leader aiming to reach younger generations inside Slovakia and out


Refresher is a popular lifestyle and news portal with more than 3 million unique users in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. What originally started as a high school project targeted at young people (18–30 years old) when it launched in 2011, today Refresher represents the voice of the young generation. Its success is evidenced by its huge fan base on social networks; Refresher engages with its readership via viral content and by cooperating with influencers and key personalities. It provides more than merely viral content, though – its editorial staff increasingly focuses on news, politics and articles on more challenging topics such as bipolar disorder, sexual health and minority issues. Through this approach, Refresher is hoping to reach more demanding readers.

In Slovakia, Refresher is a pioneer of native advertising and thus holds an edge over the competition, becoming the preferred platform for many advertisers. Refresher is backed by an experienced team focused on creating original content. It builds on a proven business model that uses advertising and subscriptions as its main sources of revenue. Still, Refresher wants to focus on new projects, strengthening its team, and leveraging further opportunities to monetize its content. It also wants to continue expanding into the Czech Republic, where it has no direct competition as of yet. This growth strategy is set to be supported in part by the investment from Crowdberry investors.

  • Opportunity to co-own a media outlet – a type of investment not normally available to individual investors.             
  • Currently #1 in Slovakia in lifestyle titles, with a plan to exceed 7 million unique web users by 2025 and become one of the most important media portals in the region.             
  • Attractive target group for advertisers: Millennials (Generation Y) and Zoomers (Generation Z) with growing economic power.             
  • Long-term cooperation with the largest players in the market (Adidas, Jägermeister, Red Bull, O2, Pilsner Urquell, and many others).             
  • Know-how in the field, proven business model, and prepared growth strategy.

About the investment opportunity

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Market and competition

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Investment purpose

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Target amount
15 - 25 % p.a.
Required return

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