Dobré časy

Modern facility for senior citizens near Brno with specialized care

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Dobré časy

The Dobré časy care home in Ivančice u Brna represents an opportunity in the real estate segment that enables you to enter an approved project at an early stage.

By investing in Dobré časy you can:

  • Participate in the growing value of the new facility.
  • Earn higher returns through a business model built on direct fees
  • Participate in a project with social impact.
  • Have first right of refusal to place your loved ones in the home.
  • Protect your money from inflation.
Demand for placement in care homes far exceeds supply

Finding a decent place to spend the autumn of life is becoming increasingly difficult in the Czech Republic. In 2020 alone, more than 46,000 applications for beds¹ were rejected in the Czech Republic, and the ageing population threatens to make this situation even worse. More and more seniors also require specialized care. The Dobré časy care home is responding to this problem and you now have a unique opportunity to be part of improving care for your older fellow citizens.

Dobré časy has secured a site in Ivančice u Brna thanks to investment from the CBPI Qualified Investor Fund and the company BIZNISHUB of Slovak entrepreneur Jozef Gima. The plans are for a facility with a total of 77 beds for seniors with higher levels of dementia and 90 long-term care beds. The future clients will receive above-standard services and the building will also house a medical outpatient clinic.,format

About the investment opportunity

"We are aware that the senior housing segment is growing and we see that private investors are becoming more important as they help at least partially cover the shortage of these services. With the Good Times Project, we are playing our part in solving the problem," Peter Bečár, Crowdberry partner

  • A real estate segment in which supply is not keeping up with demand.
  • Revenues realized directly from contributions from the state, insurance companies and clients = higher profitability than similar projects that rely on the rental market.
  • Expected return of 15-20% per annum (expected investment period 4-6 years).
  • Investing alongside professional funds and investors.

The investment is made in Czech crowns - i.e., your investment and the target amount to be invested in the home will be in Czech crowns. As it is now only possible to indicate and confirm interest in euros on the platform, please divide the amount you wish to invest in Czech crowns by 25. So, if you are interested in an investment of CZK 250,000, indicate/confirm an investment of €10,000; if you are interested in an investment of CZK 500,000, indicate/confirm an investment of €20,000, etc.

About the project

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Target amount
15 - 20 % p.a.
Required return

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